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Super Affiliate System PRO By John Crestani – Instant Download!

“I Walked Into My Boss’ Office to Ask for a Raise… But He Laughed in My Face and Showed Me the Door”
Keep Reading to Discover How This Humiliating Experience Led Me to Quit My $60,000 Job and Make $388,677 Online That Same Year… Using What I Now Call “Profit Cycles”

From the desk of John Crestani
Caged Employee-Turned-Internet Millionaire
September 22nd, 2022

Dear friend,

Let’s cut the B.S.

I’m not going to promise that this is going to make you a millionaire…

I’m not going to guarantee that you will be able to quit your job, buy a Lambo, and live like a rockstar either…

All I’m going to say is that…

If you read every word that follows and you carefully replicate what I’m about to show you…

You can make your first online paycheck sooner than you think is possible.

…The list is virtually endless.

And before you make any assumptions…

These People Were Complete Beginners!

They Didn’t Have Any Existing Skills, Experience, Or Money To Invest

So, how the heck did they start making money so fast?

Two words:

To give you a quick rundown…

It’s a unique approach that allows you to use “FREE CREDITS” (more on that in a second) to test and find other people’s “Profit Products” to sell…

And then – once you start making sales – you can re-invest the money you made to generate 2x, 3x, or even 5x returns – without any risk of losing it.

They say there’s no such thing as safe investment…

But, this is damn close.

And the best part is…

Once you find your “winner”, you can just keep reinvesting your profits to make as much money as you want, as often as you want.

I personally used this method to go from $0 to $388,677 in my first year…

Then I reinvested those $388,677 to make $933,944 in my second year…

And before I knew it,
I made over $21,000,000.
and created the lifestyle of my dreams.

Now, I know what you are thinking…

“I’ve Seen Guys in Lambos

Preaching Stuff Like This Before… I Don’t Buy It Anymore”

And you know what?

I’m actually glad that you are thinking that…

Because skepticism is a trait of highly intelligent people.

That’s why I told you at the beginning that I won’t try to sell you another “million-dollar dream”…

But rather show you how to make just ONE, FIRST paycheck.

Because once that happens…

Once you feel that rush of pride and confidence when you make your first sale…

All your doubts and insecurities will go out of the window…

And you’ll see that this opportunity is as real as they come…

We’ll get there in a second.

Bur first, let’s address the elephant in the room…

I’m NOT a Marketing Genius, a
Natural-Born Entrepreneur, a Trust Fund Baby,

or Even a Particularly Intelligent Individual
In fact, just a few short years ago, I was one of those lifeless, brainwashed 9-5’ers you see in the subway.

The crazy thing is, I had done everything “right”:

I went to a prestigious college… Found a good job in the big city… Put my head down and worked hard for years…

But, for some reason, I just couldn’t catch a break.

It felt like no matter what I did, no matter how many hoops I jumped through, or targets I exceeded – the needle wasn’t moving.

“On paper”, I was living a good life, working in a solid job for a reasonable paycheck…

But in reality, I was hating every second of my life.

I was selling myself short, working so hard and making so much money for someone who wouldn’t care if I died the next day.

And the worst part is…

Even though I was working hard and making my company a lot of money, I didn’t get any recognition – let alone a raise.

In fact…

After I paid my rent, bills, the crazy gas prices and put food on the table…

I had barely anything left.
At one point it got so bad…

I wanted to propose to my girlfriend, but I couldn’t afford a ring.

Can you imagine how powerless I felt, being unable to do the one thing I felt I was supposed to be able to do?

It was so embarrassing, I was ready to do whatever it takes to make an extra couple grand…

So I decided to do something desperate…

I Resorted to Being a “Human Test Subject”

…Or, in plain English – A “human guinea pig”…

I would literally go into a laboratory… Choke down a bunch of untested (and potentially dangerous) medicines… And get paid for it.

Needless to say, it wasn’t worth it:

  • I was throwing up all the time, feeling poisoned by all of these experimental medicines…
  • And I couldn’t tell my family or friends about it (or ask for help) because I was too embarrassed to admit what I was doing.

This was the absolute lowest point in my life.

I was trading my health and well-being for a few measly bucks… And I STILL barely made enough to cover all my expenses and survive another month.

It was the final straw for me… something had to change.

I Knew I Deserved More, So I Went Into My Boss’ Office to Ask for a Raise

I had worked too hard for too long to be risking my health for money.

Plus, I calculated that I’d made $800,000 for the company since I got there.

So, in my mind, the raise was a logical next step.

I wrote down my pitch… prepared answers for every question he could possibly ask…

And walked into my boss Mr. Glickstein’s office ready to take what’s mine.

“You know boss”, I started…

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I’d like to discuss a raise”…

Mr. Glickstein looked me straight in the eyes…

With the most disrespectful smirk on his face…

And calmly replied:


Mr. Glickstein replied this way because he KNEW that I had no other option… and that he could easily tell me no and i’d have to keep working for him, at this pay, anyway.

It was at that moment that I realized that I was NEVER going to get paid what I was worth.

I was on my way towards spending my entire life working for people like Mr. Glickstein…

And the very thought of being treated like this for another 30-40 years made my stomach turn.

Granted, I was scared to quit because
This paycheck was the only stability I had in my life…

But, at the same time, I knew so many people who eventually made their peace with being “slaves to the corporate system” and spent their entire lives in soul-sucking jobs…

I didn’t want to be one of them.

… Even if that meant taking a leap of faith and risking everything.

And just like that, my career was over.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to find a way to quit my job…

And that I was NEVER going to let anyone disrespect me like that again.

The only problem was…

I had no clue where to start.

I’m Not Going to Lie… It Was PAINFUL

I wish I could tell you that I was confident enough to quit my job that same day and leave the office with a bang like Jerry McGuire…

But the truth is, I spent MONTHS jumping from one business to another.

Or, should I say, from one failure to another.

Shopify… Ebay… Amazon… You name it.

I would hear about a new business model that’s been working for others… I’d try it and spend weeks working on it… Only to fail miserably.

For the first time in my life, I actually started to believe that I might not be good enough to succeed.

“Maybe Mr. Glickstein was right. Maybe I am as worthless as he thinks”…

But then one night…

I saw an advertisement online.

A guy named Kelly Felix was having a paid mastermind for successful online marketing folks…

And apparently, everyone who’s making serious cash online was going to be there.

Obviously, I wasn’t nearly successful enough to be invited… And even if I was invited, I still couldn’t afford the ticket..

So I did something CRAZY:

I figured out that the event was taking place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood… And I sneaked in!

But, that’s not all…

I hid in the back of the room until the event was over… I waited for Kelly to get off the stage…

And I literally jumped him!

I wasn’t going to let him go until he told me how I could turn things around… So that’s exactly what he did.

And Just Like That…

An Internet Millionaire Introduced Me to an Unlikely Business Model That Was Going to Change My Life Forever

The first thing he told me was:
“John, forget about eCommerce and other “hot” businesses everyone is buzzing about… What you need is a Cash Flow Business”

He went on to explain that there are people making ridiculous amounts of money with other people’s DIGITAL products like courses and ebooks…

And that they are actually willing to offer guys like me a healthy commission if I can help them sell a few copies.

Then, he showed me his earnings…

This guy was making THOUSANDS of dollars in pure profit… And he said that he was barely doing any “work” there.

I was sold.

It was obvious that this business had 3 big advantages:

These product owners had put in thousands of hours and invested millions of dollars to ensure these products are as good as possible.

They had all the infrastructure in place, customer support, sales reps…

So all I needed to do is take their products and recommend them to people.

I was allowed to promote these products any way I knew – paid or free.

So, I could get my feet wet without spending a dime.


As Kelly explained, I didn’t need to create big marketing campaigns or invest into tools or even a website…

All I needed was a simple webpage (that I could build in a few clicks) and a way to send people to it.

The way I saw it, I had nothing to lose.

If it works – great.

If not – all I lost was a couple of hours of time.

I was in.

I Still Remember That Morning…
I Woke Up and Saw $372.11 in My Account
Was it a glitch?

Was it a family member who felt sorry for me?


It was real.

A genuine person who wanted what I was recommending online.

That’s the minute I started believing I could do this.

I could really shift my life, give myself new freedoms, and earn a living online.

And, I was damn right.

The next morning I had another one…

Then another one…

And another one…
And by the end of the year,
I earned $388,677.00 – more than 5X my salary in my 9-5 job

Super Affiliate System PRO By John Crestani
…The rest is history.

Next year, I made over $900K.

Super Affiliate System PRO By John Crestani

In my third year, I cracked the $1M mark

And today I make millions, virtually every month.

… all by simply repeating this same process over and over and over again.

Now, You Must Be Thinking…

“Ok John, Nice Story… But How
Do You Actually Do It?”

That’s the fun part!

You see, I’m eternally grateful to Kelly for introducing me to this business model… But he didn’t really have time to teach me how he does it.

And even if he did, chances are he would tell me to run Facebook and Google ads – neither of which I could afford.

I had to figure out my own way.

So, I spent months experimenting with all these different strategies…

Until I finally found what I believe to be the simplest, fastest, easiest…

And most importantly, the cheapest way to make money doing this…

It looks like this…

Start Making Sales for FREE
(Go from $0 to up to $5K+ FAST)

My biggest problem was that I didn’t have ANY money to invest, so I had to figure out a way to show these products to people for FREE.

So, I found a little-known way to get major advertising platforms like YouTube and Facebook to give you FREE credits for advertising.

It’s kinda like a gift card for ads.

I personally used free YouTube credit when I started:

  • I used my $100 credit to generate $200…
  • Reinvested $200 to make $400…
  • Took 400 and made 800…
  • And just kept doing that over and over again until I spent $267,000…

… and made $1,155,515 in return.

In other words, I made my first $1,155,515 without spending a dime of my own!

Find A “Profit Product” That’s Guaranteed to Sell

There are hundreds of marketplaces and millions of products you can sell as an affiliate, but only 1% of them are true winners.

(I learned this the hard way)

So I’ve developed a set of criteria that helps me figure out – with utmost certainty – whether or not it could be a winner.

The great news is that this is someone ELSE’S product and they’ve done 90% of the work for us.

They handle all of the fulfillment
They handle all of the marketing
They give you everything you need to copy and paste (images, ads, emails)
They handle customer support
They educate the potential customers and do all of the selling.

We don’t need to do any of this.

This saves me a lot of time and money in testing… And allows me to be profitable from day 1.

Use Profit Cycles to Scale to Up To $10,000 and Beyond

All you need to do is make that first paycheck – ideally using “free credits” – and from that point it just SNOWBALLS.

Every time you make a sale, you simply reinvest or “cycle” that profit to make even more… And you just keep doing this until you hit your goal.

Let’s say you invested $100 in free credits and made $200 back.

Now you just need to reinvest those $200 to make up to $400… Reinvest $400 to make up to $800… Reinvest $800 to make up to $1600…

And before you know it, you’ll be making up to $10,000 or more.

It’s completely up to you how much you are going to make.

Simply keep “cycling” your profits until you hit your goal.

It can be up to $1000 or up to $1,000,000.

It’s really that simple.

When you have a product that SELLS… An audience that BUYS… And advertising that you don’t have to PAY for…

The question isn’t whether or not you are going to make money

The question is HOW FAST and HOW MUCH…

And the answer to that question is…

You Can Make AS MUCH as You Want…

AS QUICKLY as You Want… AS OFTEN as You Want

Once you find your winner (which can be done in 24 hours)…

It’s almost like having a license to print money.

Simply, figure out how much you want to make.

Invest $50 per day = Make up to $100 per day = ~$3,000 a month = 36k a year

Invest $100 per day = Make up to $200 per day = ~$6000 a month = 73k a year

Invest $250 per day = Make up to $500 per day = ~15,000 a month = 182k a year

And again… it can be someone ELSE’S money, not even your own.

And it’s someone ELSE’S product.

Doing this has made results like this possible…

And the best part is…

Unlike a job, your online business is making you money 24/7/365:

While you are sleeping… Eating… Having fun with friends… Traveling… Playing basketball… Watching Netflix… Sleeping some more…

You get the idea.

So, if you are not a particularly hard working person and you like to actually enjoy your life…

Don’t worry, “hustle” and “grind” is not a requirement here…

Interested? Want to Give It a Shot Yourself?

You Only Have THREE Options Really

If you are still reading this, it means that you like the idea of writing your own paychecks from your laptop (I mean, how could you not?)…

So, it’s time to show you with THREE roads you can take at this point:


You can say that you’ll “think about this”… You can even bookmark this page and promise to return in a few days…

But let’s be honest – that’s not going to happen.

Sooner than later, you’ll be back in your everyday life…

In that vicious cycle you’ve been trying to escape…

This hope and enthusiasm you are feeling right now will get sucked out of you… And you’ll just let it go.
I’ve seen it happen so many times. And I’d hate to see it happen to you.

I shared some nuggets with you today…

I told you why this is the business to be in…

So, you may want to go out there and try to connect the dots yourself.

The problem is, it could take you A LOT of time and money to figure it out.

There are millions of products to sell… Hundreds of markets to sell to… Dozens of advertising platforms to use…
And the only way to know what works best is to try it all.

So, unless you have all the time in the world and tons of money to play with, I suggest you go with the option #3.


Not just that I’ve made $21,000,000 for myself… But I’ve also helped THOUSANDS of people start making money online.
Tony Duchars made over $700.00..
Ahsan Habib made over $7,800.00 when he first started…
Matthew Rodis bought a car and made over $9,000.00…
Tony Strange bought a new home with his business earnings…
Ronnie Sandlin made over $71,479.00…
…The list goes on and on.

I’ve seen it all. I’ve tried it all. I’ve done it all.

And I’m willing to share it ALL with you, so you don’t have to waste time and money figuring it out on your own.

If That Sounds Good… And You Don’t Mind Taking A Shortcut
to Potentially Your First $100, $300, or Up To $500+ Online…

I’d Like To Offer You A Spot Inside the Super Affiliate System PRO

Jut to make it clear:

Super Affiliate System PRO is NOT a course.

It’s a practical, plug-and-play system that does 90% of work for you, so you can start making a
full-time income as soon as humanly possible.


You’ll get access to The Super Affiliate System PRO Training that walks you through the whole process – step by step, click by click.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any business online before…

Heck, it doesn’t matter if you can barely use Facebook and Google…

By the time you finish watching the training, you will have enough knowledge to call yourself an online marketer.


You’ll get a database of battle-tested “Profit Cycle” products that are guaranteed to sell like crazy in 2022 an beyond…

Plus, you’ll be granted access to the best affiliate networks that are otherwise very selective about who they let in.


You’ll get the keys to my library of proven million-dollar ads, images, and videos…

So you can simply replicate them to create ads that are almost guaranteed to work (just copy and paste them).


I’ll give you “buyers lists” of millions of people who are proven to buy products similar to yours…

So you can upload them to your ad network of choice and make your campaign profitable from day 1.


I’ll hand you done-for-you, ready to use websites…

Hyper-converting, million-dollar sales pages… A domain & hosting for a year… And more.


I’ll teach you a bunch of FREE methods you can leverage to make those first few sales…

Plus I’ll give you free credits so you can start running traffic
without risking your own money.

3173 People Have Gone Through The Program…

And Now, They Are Living Completely Different Lives

Brian Pfieffer grew to over $53,000.00 + …
Jan Vargas went from zero to $1,276.00… then grew to $19,484.35 .. and then grew that to $113,486.48!
Sean Pura reached the $1,000,000.00 mark…
Tyler Ellison made $1,483,376.48…
Ryan Dinnebeil made over $103,750.00 and quit his job

Will You Be the Next Great Success Story?
Here’s What You Get When You Enroll In..
The Super Affiliate System Pro TODAY

This Program Usually Sells For $4,985…
(And You Won’t Need To Pay Anything Near That)..
But It Would Totally Be Worth It…
To put it into perspective…

The average cost of attendance at any 4-year institution is $25,362
And what do you get in return?

A mediocre job that holds you hostage for 40+ years of your life.

The average cost of starting a new business is $30,000
According to Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the average cost of starting a traditional business from scratch is just over $30,000.

Now consider that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years…

And you’ll realize that starting a traditional business is an expensive gamble.

The cost of working 9-5 for the rest of your life is $1.8 MILLION
Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – can make $10,000 with this business… So if you make $60,000 at your job, it means that you are losing AT LEAST $60K per year you could’ve also made on top of your salary.

Multiply that by 30 years you’ll most likely spend working and you’ll realize that you are going to lose $1.8 MILLION by not starting an online business.
When you put it this way…
You see why a system that pretty much guarantees to get you to up to $10K online is worth at least $4985… especially when results like these are possible…
But, don’t worry – I won’t ask you to pay anywhere near $4,985 that we mentioned above…

I’ll give you the real number in a minute.

But first, a little surprise…


The Next 17 People Who Enroll Today Will Get
4 Valuable Bonuses


$1,100.00 in Traffic Campaign Credits
PLUS Proven Free Traffic Methods!
Remember the “free credits” I talked about?
Those $100 in ad credits I turned into $1M+?

Well, to maximize your chance of succeeding, I’m going to give you ANOTHER $1000 in credits you can use to run ads on different platforms.
($1100 Value)


The 21 Day “ROI + Profit” Roadmap
We’ll tell you EXACTLY what to do – step by step –
in order to make the money you invested
in this program back PLUS make a profit.

In other words, just 3 weeks from today, you
will have made your money back
and generated some profit on top of it.
($1497 Value)


Done-For-You, High Ticket Commission Bundle: Make
Sales of Up To $500 Or More!
How would you like to make up to $500+ per sale?

Just one sale a day equals six figures a year;
5-6 sales a day makes you a millionaire.

This bonus module will show you
how to get there.
($1497 Value)

Pre-Paid Business LLC Creation
& Tax Savings Consultation
Last but not least, we’ll help you turn this little
side hustle of yours into a legitimate business
you’ll be proud to tell your friends and family about.

We’ve gone ahead and paid FOR an expert to
create an LLC for you AND consult with you
on how to save the most on taxes… you
have that when you’re ready and start
making money with the program.
($1297 Value)
Yours for FREE When You Enroll Today

But As I Said, You Are Not Going to Pay Anywhere Near That…
In Fact, I Want You to Have the Entire System at the Lowest Price It’s Ever Been Offered
(On This Page And This Page Only)

Remember, I’ve been in our shoes…

I know firsthand what it feels like when you want to turn your life around so badly but your resources are limited….

So I would be a hypocrite if I asked you to invest thousands of dollars with me just like that.

So no…

It’s Not Your Fault That You Struggled Before…
But As Of Today, It’s 100% YOUR Responsibility
You’ve been lied to.

You’ve been brainwashed that you have to go to school and get a job in order to be “successful”.

You’ve had all these limiting beliefs that prevented you from taking your life into your own hands.

AND, most importantly, you didn’t have the right information to get to the next level in your life and business.

So, it’s not your fault that you’ve been stuck for so long.

…But not anymore.

Now you know the real truth.

You now know how quickly and easily you can turn things around by starting an online business.

And, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get 90% of the work done for you by the man who’s already made $21,000,000+ with this.

In other words…

I’m Not Asking You to Say “YES” or “NO…
I’m Just Asking You to Give It a Shot

It’s like buying a house:

You have to see inside it before you can decide.

So, what I want you to do is get on the inside of the Super Affiliate System PRO and see if everything I promised today is true.

Go through the program… Create your first campaign… And see what happens.

If it’s exactly what I promised, you can decide to stay.

If it’s not for you, no hard feelings.

Whether it’s 29 minutes from now or 29 days…

If you ain’t happy, I ain’t happy.

And if you want your money back, you can get it.

All you have to do is email me and tell me “Yo John, I want my money back”… And you got it, and in short order.

It’s as simple as that.
As You Can See, I’ve Done Everything I Could to Make
This Decision as Easy as Possible for You…
Now It’s Up to You to Pull the (Risk-Free) Trigger
I won’t try to trick or pressure you into joining the program.

Truth to be told…

Whether you enroll today or not, my life won’t really change much.

I’ll keep making a significant income online doing this… as you can see here…
And I’ll still have THOUSANDS of students to share knowledge with and help reach the same level of success.

So no matter what you decide, we’ll continue to do well.

But, will you be able to sleep knowing that you had the perfect opportunity to turn things around and start creating the life you and your family deserve…
…But you passed?
That’s the decision you’ll have to live with…
But, I hope that this risk-free opportunity is one that you take us up on (before it’s too late)… so that we can turn those results into potentially your results. One last time…

Super Affiliate System PRO By John Crestani, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 00-Welcome Module
  • 01-Module 1 – Affiliate Networks and Finding Your Niche
  • 02-Module 2 – The Necessity of a Sales Funnel and Setting Up the Pre-sell Page
  • 03-Module 3 – Using Solo Ads to Drive Traffic
  • 04-Module 4 – Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic
  • 05-Module 5 – Using YouTube to Drive Traffic
  • 06-Module 6 – Using Social Media Ads to Drive Traffic
  • 07-Module 7 – Skill #1 – Research for Effective Ads and Sales Pages
  • 08-Module 8 – Skill #2 – Great Copywriting – the Key to Creating Great Ads and Effective Pre-sell Pages
  • 09-Module 9 – Skill #3 – Data Analysis – Using Analytics and Split Testing to Make Sure You Do What Works
  • 10-Module 10 – Planning Your Strategy to Make the Super-Affiliate System Work for You
  • 11-Module 11 – Accelerating Your Outcomes
  • 12-Module 12 – Troubleshooting Lack of Results
  • 13-Module 13 – Scaling Your Business and Accelerating Your Capital
  • 14-Module 14 – Wrap Up and Next Steps
  • 15-Weekly Calls
  • 16-Resources
  • 17-Bonuses