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Have you been wanting to create more Flow in your work life and personal relationships, but aren’t sure how to get started?

Have you tried other online coaching programs that feel inauthentic, lacking heart or are too focused on material things?

Do you want a practical, science based approach to training mindset and understanding true Flow in your personal and work life?

Are you craving more balance, stress reduction techniques that work and a road map to your version of success?

Do you want to better understand yourself, create awareness around your personal habits and start creating the right shifts in your life?

You can. And it starts with mindset.

Welcome to the 6 Weeks to Flow Course

Summer Huntington created this hybrid mindset & movement course to help her students and clients implement a 4 day Flow, and understand each of the energetic centers from a non-dogmatic view point.

Summer Huntington created a system called Flow State of Mind coaching that has helped people around the world get a handle on the overwhelm and chaos of our modern lives. Her approach integrates Flow psychology (the most optimal state of mind to make long lasting behavioral change), daily meditation practice, performance coaching tactics and most importantly – self care and recovery first

The 6 Weeks to Flow course is grounded in Flow State of Mind principles, which includes journaling, tracking progress in workouts, daily mindful meditation practice and stress reduction techniques and has been tested by her clients at the Flow Shala.Get ready to truly understand how Flow can impact your nervous system.If you have struggled with finding the perfect blend of strength, mobility, and motivation… this 6 weeks to Flow course is for YOU!Moderate and High Intensity Interval training is the cornerstone of Summer’s private training business and she assigns a home movement practice to her clients to yield best results in function, strength, endurance and weight loss. The trick is carving out time to do it, committing to it, and being convicted about your Flow practice. The more time we spend in Flow State, the better.

Is your motivation lacking? Want to find out why?

This course will build each week, offering a mindset lecture to help you examine one energetic center per week. The course will also several home options for no, low, moderate intensity movement training. You will see many variations of Moderate and High Intensity interval training, and each week you will be guided to try one that correlates with the energetic center of the week. Try them all, and vary your training each week.

In the 6 Weeks to Flow challenge, we recommend that you start to create your 4 day training Flow using the PDF Guide that comes with this program. You will plan your Moderate & High days, based on the best days for you to workout, and then plan your no & low intensity days around them. There are many variations for the 4 day Flow, but essentially it is: no / low / mod / high, in some version of that order. See the 6 Weeks to Flow guide located in the first video as a downloadable PDF (25 Pages to help you commit to a Flow).

So you have your 4 Day Flow, what’s next?

Once you have your 4 day Flow planned out, then you can map out your workouts. Making a plan and having a solid structure to work from is key in creating intrinsic motivation. We need to train in a way that our nervous system can adapt to, versus random or sporadic training. When we feel and experience the benefits of training on a 4 Day Flow, then we start to somatically feel the benefits of training Flow into our nervous system. Breath control, precision, training with a calm face (vs being in a fight or flight mode), training mechanics of action. These are markers for Flow, and you will be encouraged to hone these skills during this challenge.

Can you do 60 Minutes a Week of Moderate & High Intensity training at home?

The goal is to aim for a minimum of 60 minutes of HIIT training per week, on your own at home. You can use the video workouts as a moving meditation to work through stuck energy, ego, negative self talk, or use it to visualize, clear brain fog or brainstorm. I love thinking about how I am going to lead and serve during my movement practice, and it helps me tune into my “why” or what drives me to do this work. There are several workouts that can be done at moderate and high intensity (and more will be added over the next 6 weeks), plus a joint mobility warm up and several Yin Restorative yoga poses for stress reduction techniques.

Daily Meditation and Daily Journaling are the other foundational pieces of this 6 Weeks to Flow program. Learning to calibrate yourself, collect objective feedback and take small actions daily to bring yourself into your version of equilibrium.

If you have never meditated or journaled before, or are not sure what to write, Coach Summer walks you through the exact format she uses for all of her Flow State of Mind Coaching clients. The feedback is often that the meditation (brain work) is the most valuable and effective tool taught, and has the biggest impact on mindset.

Consistent meditation allows us to transition our brainwaves from Beta, problem solving/analytical thinking/speaking to Theta brainwaves, calm, creative, inspirational. Learning how to train your mind is paramount to making true change in yourself, and eventually the world around you.

Thank you for your commitment to training Flow. It is an honor to teach and share this information with you.

Course Curriculum

Flow Mindset
StartMeditation Tutorial (aim for 10 min per day) 4 Important PDFs (14:45)
StartBonus – Meditation 1 Fitness Assessment Form (15:12)
StartBonus – Meditation 2 (13:15)
StartWeek 1: Root Energetic Center Getting Started with Flow State of Mind principles (15:32)
StartWeek 2: Overcoming Barriers & Creating new Lifestyle Habits (16:43)
StartWeek 3: Mindset Self Discipline 3rd Energetic Center (13:03)
StartWeek 4: Heart Energetic Center (9:26)
StartWeek 5: Mindset Throat Center (9:19)
StartWeek 6 Mindset Crown Energetic Center (10:32)
Physical Training
StartNo Intensity: Joint Mobility (10:43)
StartNo Intensity: Neck Mobility (9:18)
StartFundamental Inner Core Exercises (11:12)
StartLow Intensity Training: 3 Sun A 3 Sun B (15:47)
StartModerate Intensity Workout: Flow to Fit (26:20)
StartModerate Intensity /Bodyweight Fundamentals: Flow to Fit Continuous (11:29)
StartModerate Intensity: Core Workout 90 30 X2 (11:08)
StartModerate Intensity: Heart Opening Workout 90/30X2 (15:07)
StartModerate Intensity: Body Workout (11:19)
StartModerate Intensity: Condition Workout 2 (10:36)
Restorative Poses
StartNo Intensity: Restorative Asana pose: Lying Spinal Twist (11:18)
StartNo Intensity: Heart Opening Restorative Yoga 1 (6:44)
StartNo Intensity: Heart Opening Restorative Yoga 2 (8:42)
StartNo Intensity: Restorative Seated Forward Fold (8:59)