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Subliminal Psychology (Audiobook) By Kip Ferguson – Instant Download!

Subliminal Psychology (Audiobook) By Kip Ferguson

Subliminal Psychology
Learn How to Influence People’s Unconscious Mind to Do Anything You Want with Subliminal Persuasion and Dark NLP in Relationships, Parenting and at Work

If you want to understand how to influence people’s unconscious mind to do anything you want, then keep reading.

Have you ever wished that your partner or spouse was more receptive to all your great ideas?

Do you ever wish you could get your kids to behave well, to follow your instructions, and to stop stressing you out?

Do you wish you could influence your co-workers, get your boss to listen to you, and improve your career prospects?

If you wish to accomplish any of these things, this book is a must-listen for you!

You will learn tried-and-tested techniques that involve the use of subliminal psychology and neuro-linguistic programming to get people to do what you want without them ever realizing that they are being influenced. You will get to understand how the human subconscious works, as well as why it’s an extremely powerful tool if you want to control a person’s thoughts, actions, and behavior.

For each technique that’s discussed in the book, the author offers one or more real-world examples of how the techniques can be used, so it makes it a whole lot easier for you to grasp the concepts.

This book will teach you:

  • The concept of subliminal psychology, giving you a strong background as you seek to understand the subconscious influence techniques.
  • The use of subliminal psychology in the context of different kinds of romantic relationships, including marriage, long-term relationships, and even courtship and first dates.
  • How to get your children (both younger kids and adolescents) to do what you want by basically implanting ideas in their minds without them realizing it.
  • How to navigate competitive work environments with the help of NLP and subliminal psychology techniques.
  • How to quickly psychoanalyze people so that you know which methods are the best when you want to influence them.
  • To use words and certain verbal hints to steer people in whatever way that you like, without them being consciously aware of what you are doing.
  • How to lie in a way that is convincing, but it also outlines how you can tell when people are deceiving you.
  • How you can monitor the effectiveness of your subliminal psychology strategy by learning how to predict people’s reactions.

Even if you are a complete amateur in matters related to psychology, you can pick up this book right now and use it to drastically improve your ability to influence people!

Subliminal Psychology (Audiobook) By Kip Ferguson, what i sit included:

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