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Simpler Trading – John Carter – NEW Sandbox Strategy 2023 ( ELITE VERSION )

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NEW: John Carter’s “Sandbox” Strategy

Discover How to Exploit Wall Street’s Biggest Blind Spot

LIVE Class with LIVE Trading

Discover how John precisely times trades with up to 92% accuracy

Quant Pivots Indicators

Predict precise levels where the “algos” trigger on almost any chart or timeframe

Quick Hits Indicators

Target quick gains by revealing exactly when the market is turning

John Carter’s New “Sandbox Strategy” Class

Discover the unbeatable edge human traders have over Wall Street’s trading algorithms by exploiting their one blindspot: knowing the price levels where they trigger reversals.

John Carter created the “Sandbox Strategy” by combining his popular Quant Pivots and Quick Hits tools.

The Quant Pivots define the boundaries of the “sandbox” where the algorithms trade (historical data reveals the extreme edge of the range holds up to 92% of the time). And the Quick Hits identify exactly when to exploit the algo’s blindspot by revealing where momentum is turning using the Squeeze Rotation and Trend Rotation tools.

The goal is to time reversals with up to 92% accuracy by trading inside the sandbox. This new strategy can be applied to stocks, futures, and options, and for day trading, swing trading, or longer term positions.

Who Is John’s Sandbox Strategy For?

Day Traders

Swing Traders

Position Traders

Here’s Everything You Get During This Limited Time Offer

Quant Pivots Indicator
A.I. “Algo Bots” drive the market. Traders who know the levels where these powerful programs are likely to turn the market have an incredible edge (and those who don’t are at a massive disadvantage!). John’s popular Quant Pivots automatically identify these critical price levels on almost any chart or timeframe.
LIVE Sandbox Strategy Class
September 23rd at 12:00 pm CT
During this new live training, John is revealing how he precisely targets cyclical price rotation by combining the crazy accurate Quant Pivots with the dynamic Quick Hits trade timing tools. Attend live on September 23rd from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Central. Complete recordings are included.
Quick Hits: Squeeze Rotation

This popular tool reveals when to target intraday price rotations.

The goal is to catch the “snap back to the mean” moves that happen nearly every day.

Compatible with ThinkorSwim (ToS) and TradingView

Quick Hits: Trend Rotation

This new tool reveals when Quick Hits signals line up in multiple timeframes.

It’s designed to give traders a quick visual confirmation of trend reversal without having to look at multiple charts.

Compatible with ThinkorSwim (ToS) and TradingView