Sheridan Mentoring – Making a 2021 Trading Plan and Trading it for 3 Weeks

Creating a Trading Plan for 2021 and Engaging in Trading for 3 Weeks – Dan Sheridan, with years of experience in teaching Risk Management techniques acquired during his time in the Pits at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, is here to instruct. Join our 3-week Live Teaching Class with a focus on the development and implementation of a 2021 Trading Plan.

Who Are the Mentors at Sheridan Mentoring? Dan and Mark will equally distribute their new Double Long Diagonal System. In contrast to conventional stop-loss orders, this “DLD” provides significantly enhanced protection against extreme price fluctuations. Incorporate this strategy into your 2021 Trading Plan under the guidance of Dan and Mark. For illustrative purposes, Dan will execute a live trade during each session, followed by a discussion in the subsequent session regarding risk management and necessary adjustments.

Engaging in Trading for 3 Weeks and Crafting a 2021 Trading Plan with Sheridan Mentoring Anticipated Outcomes from Our Online Classes: Dan’s 3 Strategy 2021 Trading Plan featuring the innovative Double Long Diagonal trading system!

Class Emphasis: In this class, Dan and Mark will concentrate on a newly devised Long Vega strategy originating within the Sheridan Community, known as the “DLD.” Additionally, Dan and Mark will explore the integration of Calendar and Butterfly trades that complement the “DLD.”

Session Details:

Available On-Demand Each Session will have a duration of approximately one hour. Each event will be recorded and archived for your later review. Each event will include a PDF of presentation slides, if employed.