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Scott Lyons – Somatic Stress Release™ Certificate 2022


Learn to restore your biological stress response system with Dr. Scott Lyons’ 5-day, live, online Somatic Stress Release™ training.

Somatic Stress Release™ is a holistic system to enhance body awareness and increase capacity to complete biological stress responses. The intention is to restore and optimize your fundamental ability to adapt and navigate life with ease and agency. You will learn how to enhance your capacity to identify internal responses to stressors, and mobilize that energy towards restoration and ease.

In this 100 hour certificate program you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the biological, social, and psychological aspects of stress.
  • Identify somatic symptoms and triggers for emotional and physical distress.
  • Learn embodied mindfulness and resilience training techniques.
  • Engage in movement meditations and breath work to release trapped or stored arousal energy.
  • Stop burnout and rebuild depleted biological resources.
  • Learn to take control of your relationship to stress in order to live a life of greater well-being.

Somatic Stress Release™ empowers you and your clients to holistically discharge stress, blocked emotions, and body tension, as well as relieve stagnated energy while restoring resilience.


Stress related health challenges are now a widespread global issue. Research links stress to physiological conditions like cardiovascular distress, immunosuppression, and gastro-intestinal problems. Stress adversely impacts attention, concentration, critical thinking, and other cognitive functions. Family and social relationships suffer.While we might perceive stress as happening around us, it is actually happening within us. A physiological stress response happens throughout every system of the body, ultimately interacting with every cell. Our stress responses are interwoven with our emotions, immune function, thoughts, breath, and movements.

Our innate stress response could be described as a natural and helpful response to adapt and thrive in the world. But at times a lack of support and resources take our stress response offline and thwart our ability to utilize our stress response to navigate and have agency in relation to our current situations. When this happens we are unable to properly process and mobilize stress. We begin to form compensational patterns that over time wear down on our nervous system and show up as challenges to our health, focus, productivity, behavior, and relationships.

As we lose our ability to adapt, we start to experience a flooding of incomplete stress responses, known as chronic stress. Chronic stress wreaks havoc on our health, impacts biological energy conservation, and makes us less attuned to the need for self-care.


Somatic Stress Release™ is a holistic approach that recognizes the complex layering of each individual’s relationship to stress. Stress manifests itself in each person’s body differently. Understanding this unique body response allows each person to process and navigate the intricate layers of stress. One of the most effective pathways towards that awareness and negotiation is through feeling a deeper sense of and connection with the body-mind, an approach called somatics.‘Soma’ is a Greek word for ‘the living body known from within’. As infants, we addressed stress through our primarily modes of communication and expression- movement, sound, and touch. Stress is experienced and expressed through the body- and therefore can only truly be processed, metabolized, and healed through the body. We can’t think our way out of stress, and we can’t meditate our way out of stress. Stress is fundamental to our survival- however it was never meant to be unchecked and driving our lives.

The inability to process and actualize our stress response creates an overwhelm in the body. This can take us away from feeling at home in our body, and creating a split within ourselves. This disconnection leaves us with less resources to work through stress to adapt and return to balance. Addressing this damaging cycle is an integral component of this modality.

Returning to our primal modes of processing stress through body-based therapeutic techniques allows us to come home to ourselves to address habitual responses more quickly of internal and external stressors, and processes unresolved and stored stress in the body.

Somatic Stress Release™ offers holistic techniques for clients to sense and regulate their own physiology and states of being. This includes building more resources, building trusting and co-regulatory relationships, being invited deeper in the body to restore impulse and intuition, and given time and space to process the underlying emotions as guidance towards actualizing needs. Somatic Stress Release can access and metabolize deeply stored stress to help restore optimal functioning and well-being.


This program is a certification process that distills an educational methodology to integrate into a variety of modalities such as:

• Social Workers

• Mental Health & Pastoral Counselors

• Yoga Therapists / Yoga Teachers

• Movement Therapists

• Coaches

• Physicians (MD, DO, ND, DC & others) & Physician Assistants

• Nurses & Nurse Practitioners

• Psychologists

• Emergency Medical Personnel

• Meditation Teachers

• Educators

• Massage Therapists & Body Workers

• Acupuncturists

• Hypnotherapists

• Kinesiologists

• Complementary & Alternative Medicine Professionals

• Clergy & Religious Leaders

• Other Wellness Professionals

• Anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of human relationships and the power of Somatic Stress Release™


This 100 hour certificate program will run over three separate 5-day trainings, all available to watch online and on-demand at your own pace. All sessions can be completed via your online Content Library which you will gain access to upon registration.

In addition to utilizing body-based stress release techniques, these immersions will also integrate experiential anatomy and physiology, mind-body medicine techniques, elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, movement meditations, and yoga nidra. For a full breakdown of the topics covered in each module are featured below.

LEVEL I: FOUNDATIONS• Introduction to Somatics and Somatic Therapy

• Introduction to the History of Stress

• Mind-Body Medicine for Stress

• Mobilization Practices of Stress 1

• Movement-Therapy Approaches for Stress Release

• Stress Response Cycle 1

• Embodied Resilience Work

• Experiential Anatomy of Stress

• Understanding and working with pain and stress cycles.

• Integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Somatics for Stress

• Integration of Compassion and Acceptance Therapy

• Muscular-Fascial Release Work with Balls- Full Body Protocol

• Authentic Movement Practices

• Restoring and actualizing impulses through both intrinsic movement and contained/structured movement.


• Stress Response Cycle 2 / Breaks

• Addressing Resistance In The Stress Response Cycle

• Healing Boundary Ruptures

• Proprioception Re-Patterning

• Central Nervous System Tension Release

• Experiential Anatomy of Stress 2

• Precentral – Motor Balancing Techniques

• Iliopsoas Complex Release Work

• Body Work and Manual Therapy for Stress Release

• Organ/ Enteric Nervous System Release Work

• Somatic Eye Work Protocols for stress Desensitization

• Full-body vocal work to support stress mobilization

• Embodied Breath Work

• Authentic Movement Practices 2

• Somatic Approaches to working With Freeze/ Immobilization Patterns

• Attachment Theory and Associated Stress Patterns

• Somatic Application of Polyvagal Theory and Stress

• Tremoring and Mobilization Practices 2

• Motor Reflex Repatterning (Startle Reflex Release)

• Nutrition for Stress Reduction


• Embodied Practitioner Skills

• Stress Postural Assessment and Repatterning

• Dialogue Work for Somatic Stress Release

• Experiential Anatomy of Stress 3

• Addressing Autoimmune and Inflammatory diseases through Somatic Stress Release™

• Unwinding Stress Memories

• Practice sessions with feedback

• Self Hypnosis for Stress

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