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Do you want to become your own boss?

So you have been walking into the same job every day, looking around at the same people doing the same thing all day.

When you get into work, the only thing you look forward to is going home.

That is because you work so hard to make someone else rich. Just imagine you put in that same amount of effort into your own business, your business will grow every day, your efforts will not go un-noticed, it’s time to become your own boss

What is Ebay Dropshipping?

Ebay dropshipping is a simple business. You sell items on Ebay at a higher price than your supplier and when you make a sale

you use the customers money to buy off your supplier.

E.G your supplier sells an item for $50, you will then sell the item for $80 on Ebay.

When someone buys off you for $80, you then use $50 of that money to purchase the product from your supplier and get it sent directly to the customer, there is no need for you to hold inventory.

Why would someone buy off you instead of going direct?

The simple answer to that is Ebay is a trusted brand that is known worldwide. People come on to Ebay because they can pretty much find anything they want without shopping around on multiple websites. The convenience of Ebay is what keeps people coming back and spending their money on the platform

But what about other people selling the same product?

There are techniques to stand out from other people selling the same product, there are techniques to find products that will sell, there are also techniques on how to get your products found in ways other sellers will have missed out on. This is all taught in the masterclass via a step by step guide so its super simple for you to follow

Forget what you think you know about dropshipping

There are too many ‘experts’ who think they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately no matter how much they think they know, they are not Sarwar. Your mentor Sarwar has one of the most established Youtube channels in the world in this space, The Financial Freedom Network. As well as Youtube and social media, he has physical businesses like real estate and restaurants. A background in digital marketing, banking, finance and mortgages. He knows a lot about alot so rest assured, you are taking advise from an experienced individual. Many people have learned from his free videos, he is not afraid to give away industry secrets, as long as it helps someone in their journey, that is what matters. Also many people get Shopify dropshipping and Ebay dropshipping confused, it is not the same. Think about McDonalds and Subway, they are both in the fast food industry, but completely different types of food.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1.0 Introduction
Preview1.1 What is Dropshipping
Preview1.2 How Much Money Can I Make
Preview1.3 Testimonials
Preview1.4 Take Action
Lesson 2.0 Before You get Started
Start2.1 The Elephant in the Room (5:35)
Start2.2 Before You Start (2:59)
Start2.3 Connect with me
Start2.4 Getting Started (4:12)
Start2.5 A Very Important Message (2:53)
Lesson 3.0 Getting Set Up
Start3.1 The 30 Day Plan (1:42)
Start3.2 Setting Up PayPal (2:19)
Start3.3 Setting Up Ebay (5:02)
Start3.4 Listing your first item (18:54)
Start3.5 Seller Hub Setup (5:34)
Start3.6 Increasing Limits
Start3.7 Setting up a Store (5:32)
Start3.8 Ebay Account Settings (3:13)
Start3.9 Ebay Business Policies (9:22)
Start3.9 (Update) Ebay Business Policies
Start3.10 Important Software You Need (7:37)
Start3.11 Ebay Listing Software Setup (21:38)
Start3.12 Ebay Product Research Software Setup (5:12)
Start3.13 Zik Analytics Exclusive TFFN Masterclass Students Only Offer
Start3.14 Paypal Jail Explained (5:14)
Lesson 4.0 Listing Items
Start4.1 How to find other Dropshippers (19:31)
Start4.2 The 80/20 Strategy
Start4.3 Listing item from your List (26:26)
Start4.4 Find Items Even Easier
Start4.5 Creating Your Own Listing (19:15)
Lesson 5.0 After Making a Sale
Start5.1 How to Process an Order (With Cashback) (13:43)
Start5.2 Improved Cashback Strategy (1:55)
Start5.3 Update on Processing Orders
Start5.4 Important Update Regarding Cashback (5:50)
Lesson 6.0 Tips and Bonuses
Start6.1 The 6 month Plan
Start6.2 Increasing Prices and Maximising on Profits
Lesson 7.0 Daily Tasks
Start7.1 The importance of Daily Tasks
Start7.2 List Every Day
Start7.3 Leaving Feedback
Start7.4 Replying to Messages
Start7.5 Refreshing Your Listings
Start7.6 Check for Tracking
Start7.7 Non Selling Items
Lesson 8.0 Automating your Business (For Advanced Students)
Start8.1 What is a VA (Virtual Assistant) (1:42)
Start8.2 When should you hire a Virtual Assistant
Start8.3 Find a VA Online
Start8.4 Important Notices about sharing Passwords
Start8.5 What Order to Hire Your VA’s
Start8.6 Get a Fully Trained VA from Us
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
StartShould I Setup on Ebay UK or Ebay US?
StartWhat if The Item is Out of Stock?
StartHow do I Deal with Returns?
StartWhat if the Customer says He/She has not Received the item?
StartWhat is the International Sellers Agreement and How do I accept it?
StartI have a new Account, How can I get some sales quickly?
StartCreating Listings with Manual Software (21:51)
StartWhat are flagged Ebay Accounts?
StartWhy do Ebay accounts get Flagged?
StartCan I still Sell on on a Flagged account and make profit?
Affiliate Program
StartAffiliate Tutorial
Manual Dropshipping (Optional) (Please ensure you have gone through and understood all the content above before proceeding with manual)
StartWhat is Manual Dropshipping FAQ
StartManual Listing Software (5:25)
StartManual Listing Software Setup (9:34)
StartNew Business Policy
StartWhat You need to do Differently
StartListing Items with Manual Software (33:42)
StartHow to process an order (9:06)
Useful Videos From Youtube
StartHow To Deal with Account Suspensions
StartHow to Snipe Better
Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass
StartWholesale Dropshipping Masterclass