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What Exactly Is The Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

Created by Ryan Murdock, a Bodyweight Exercise Specialist, martial artist, and travel writer, the Forbidden Fitness Secrets is a 3-step exercise program that’s based on the concept of intrinsic strength training (IST). This type of fitness training supposedly allowed ninjas to be flexible, strong, and agile.

Intrinsic strength training will strengthen your joints, ligaments, and tendons, so they can handle maximum stress to lower your risk for pain or injury. With that said, for IST exercises to be effective, you need to do them in the right order. This is exactly where the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program can help.

The things you will learn

Here are some of the main topics that Ryan Murdock is going to discuss in the Forbidden Fitness Secrets guide:

 A series of innovative core exercises for improving your waistline, posture, and low back pain.

 A little-known technique for improving the normal push-ups to strengthen your wrist, have bigger arms and shoulders, and build a powerful chest.

 Two mistakes that most people commit when they’re training their connective tissues to make them more elastic.

 How to prevent ankle sprains and tears by protecting yourself from sudden changes in direction or turns.

 Know how to train harder and smarter.

 A basic but effective way to shape up your body’s important joints to prevent injury and enhance your athletic performance.

 How to adjust your training to place the right amount of load on your soft tissues and make your connective tissues flexible.

 How you can combine your breathing, movement, and posture to build your endurance effortlessly.

 “Broomstick drills” for strengthening your grip and improving your hand and finger dexterity.

 How to do the “guiding hand/mobile hand” drill, which can supposedly activate your body’s “sixth sense.”

 A set of “go muscle” exercises for the upper body, and a lot more…


The Pros and Cons of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets

The Pros

It’s Great for Preventing Joint, Bone, and Muscle Problems

The exercises taught in the Forbidden Fitness Secrets Of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior have many wonderful benefits. For one, they can enhance the strength of your bones, so that you can avoid osteoporosis. They can also increase your muscle mass and make your muscles stronger. This lowers your risk of injury and gives you better posture and joint stability.

Ryan Murdock Seems to be Credible

We first checked the photo of Ryan Murdock using, and the result was its unique. Meaning, it doesn’t appear on other websites, especially in stock image websites.

Ryan has its own website,, and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) that you could check out.

Almost Everybody Can Use It

You don’t need to be an athlete, a martial artist, a fitness specialist, or a ninja to find the Forbidden Fitness Secrets useful. Although it wouldn’t hurt to consult your doctor and/or physical therapist to make sure this won’t do you more harm than good.

They Have a Good Customer Support Team in Place

Like we always do, we contacted them via email to see if they provide excellent customer service. They answered our email within 24 hours, which we liked. It’s just good to know that there’s someone who’s going to answer our email(s) if ever we encounter any issues or have an important question to ask them.

You can read our email and their reply here.

Your Money is Protected by Their Guarantee

If this doesn’t reinforce your joints, ligaments, and tendons within two months (60 days), simply contact them via email and ask for a full refund.

With that in mind, we highly suggest you stick to this fitness program for at least a month (or longer) before deciding to keep doing it or take advantage of their refund offer.

The Cons

The Price Is A Bit High

The price of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program is more expensive than many other fitness programs we have reviewed it here before. With that said, the last time we visited the official website, they slashed 40% off the original price, which brought the price slightly below $40.

Results May Vary

We could think of a few factors that could affect your results, such as your gender, lifestyle, environment, genes, body composition, and stress. Some of these you can control, while others you can’t. Try doing these exercises for more than a month then evaluate the results.

You Need A Reliable Internet Connection

When purchasing the Forbidden Fitness Secrets system, you gain access to an instruction video that’s two hour long. That’s why you need to have a stable and fast internet connection to make sure you can view this without interruptions.

If you have an unstable internet at certain times of the day, then this might be a disadvantage for you.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to physical fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why it’s important to find fitness programs that are effective and will match your expectations.

Regarding the Forbidden Fitness Secrets itself, we must admit it’s the first time we heard of a ninja-inspired workout program. Whether it’s true or not, we believe it’s still worth checking out, and there are fitness and medical sites online which prove that intrinsic strength training is beneficial.

In general, if you want to strengthen your joints, muscles, and bones the right way, if you’re prone to injuries, or if you want to discover the “true ninja” way of intrinsic strength training, then “Forbidden Fitness Secrets” is a great option to consider.

Bottom line: The only way to really know that it works as promised is to try it yourself. Fortunately, you can always get your money back if within two months you’ve decided that it’s not for you. So far, we haven’t read complaints about Ryan Murdock, the program itself, or their refund processing online, which is a good sign that this program does work as promised…

Well, that’s everything for this review of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets Of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior by Ryan Murdock. We hope you find this informative, and if you already have undergone this fitness program, we’d like to hear your feedback.

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