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Ryan DeBell – The Movement Fix Workshop Online | Instant Download !


Ryan DeBell – The Movement Fix Workshop Online

Hey I am Ryan, founder of Movement Fix.

I think of Movement Fix as my little corner of the internet that I am building to spread health and fitness education to help people keep their bodies as healthy and functional as possible for as long as possible.

When I first went about creating Movement Fix Workshop, I tried to see what was missing in the world of fitness and health education and then build the workshop that I felt needed to exist.

Hence, Movement Fix Workshop was born.

It is essentially a course teaching a combination of assessing lifts, ranges of motion, and trying to find the most opportune way to help an athlete, client, or yourself.

Some people need more strength, some need more joint mobility, some need to do stretching for muscular tightness, and others need to just learn how to lift with better technique.

This workshop is designed to help you figure those things out and shows you ways you can work on them.

After teaching this workshop around 100 times, we decided to film it and make it into this online course to make it more broadly and easily available to access and use.

We also worked hard to get this workshop approved for continuing education credits with NASM, ACE, and the NSCA so you can get those if you need them.

Get immediately download Ryan DeBell – The Movement Fix Workshop Online

If you have any questions about this workshop, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

I thank you for considering learning from us and supporting our efforts by purchasing this workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

Generally there are three groups that take this workshop:

Fitness professionals
Personal trainers
Group fitness instructors
Healthcare professionals
Physical therapists
Medical doctors
Athletic trainers
Massage therapists
Students in these professions
Fitness enthusiasts
Your job isn’t necessarily in fitness, but you love fitness and movement

No matter your background, everyone learns new things based on their experience and how they see fitness/movement.