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Rule Your Rankings Level Up Course 2022 By Marie Ysais & Moon Hussain – Instant Download!

SEO getting you frustrated?

  • Are you tired of chasing “magic links”?
  • Not sure where to start to rank your sites?
  • Have you purchased backlinks with minimal or NO results?
  • Do you have a “stuck” site that just won’t budge?
  • Need to troubleshoot a hit site?
  • Just starting out and need to build a foundation of SEO basics and best practices?

Rule Your Rankings’ Level Up Course Is The Answer You’re Looking For!

RYR’s Level Up SEO Course is Back!

And it’s better than ever! We’ve revamped, updated, and added to our popular Level Up SEO Course with all new content modules to help you master basic and advanced on-site and technical SEO.

We are so excited to relaunch our popular Rule Your Rankings Level Up Course with new, updated modules and a Beginner SEO section.

There are currently a total of 10 modules and over 100 videos in the RYR Level Up Course and we continue to add new modules regularly, and update as needed (with Google and ranking/algorithm changes).

One purchase price gets you LIFETIME access now and for all future content added to the course. Your membership also gains you access to the private community group for course members, which currently has 120+ members, and allows you to message Moon and Marie about anything within the course.


“Even after doing large scale SEO for 10 years, I’ve learned amazing insights from Marie and Moon, and they have upped my game significantly.”

– Marty Marion


  • Learn how to unstick websites

Learn what to do when a site gets stuck, how to identify the reason it is stuck, and then how to correct the issues.

  • Practice safe methods of SEO

Learn the safest, but most effective on-site SEO strategies we use on our own clioents and sites and how to implement them yourself.

  • Master keyword research

Learn how to choose and target the best keywords, keyword phrases and clusters, and how to avoid keyword cannibalization.

  • Learn from live case studies

Watch video walkthroughs of live case studies and see the methods in action for yourself.


Rule Your Rankings Level Up SEO Course

This complete and comprehensive DIY course takes everything you need to know about on-site and technical SEO and breaks it down into step-by-step instructions, complete with case studies, so you can learn it yourself. We wanted it to be like we’re teaching you one-on-one, but also delivered in a format that allows you to go at your own pace.

What’s in the course:

01 DIY SEO Lessons


Beginners SEO Course

  • Here is a comprehensive beginner’s course for anyone who wants a refresher, or if you’re brand new to SEO.
  • Introduction/ What is SEO?
  • Top Onsite SEO Factors
  • Keywords/ Keyword Research
  • and much more!

02 DIY SEO Lessons


Intermediate SEO Course

This module breaks it down more past the beginner course. Here you will learn:

  • Topical Relevance
  • SEO Entities
  • Strategies and Tools
  • and much more!

03 DIY SEO Lessons


Local Site SEO with Live Case Studies

This module teaches you all about local site SEO with live case studies.

  • Link SILOs
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Topical Relevance
  • and much more!

04 DIY SEO Lessons


Affiliate and Informational Site SEO

Learn about on-site SEO for affiliates and informational sites, with case studies.

  • Niche Research and Exploration
  • Link SILOs and Strategies
  • Content Generation
  • and much more!

05 DIY SEO Lessons


Keyword Cannibalization

Learn what is is and best practices to avoid it in your on-site SEO.

  • What Causes Keyword Cannibalization
  • How to Identify Keyword Cannibalization
  • Fixing Issues with Keyword Cannibalization
  • and much more!

06 DIY SEO Lessons


Internal Linking Structures

Learn what is is and best practices to avoid it in your on-site SEO.

  • What Causes Keyword Cannibalization
  • How to Identify Keyword Cannibalization
  • Fixing Issues with Keyword Cannibalization and much more!

07 DIY SEO Lessons


How to Unstick a Site

Learn what causes sites to become stuck and what you can do about it.

  • Reviewing Backlinks
  • Reviewing Keyword Mapping
  • Reviewing Over and Under Optimization
  • and much more!

We will continue to update the course and add new modules over time, but your one-time fee to join includes any and all future updates!

Meet Your Instructors

Rule Your Rankings (RYR) is a partnership between Marie Ysais and Moon Hussain, founded in 2018. The two met while each was working separately in the SEO industry and after developing trust through like-minded goals and friendship, they decided to create Rule Your Rankings together. RYR Level Up Course was built on their personal experience with their own sites and client sites

Marie has been an international SEO strategist for the past 15 years. She entered the SEO field in 2006 and her career then evolved from SEO consulting with local businesses to also include strategizing with SEO agencies across the globe. She has a BBA in Business with a major in management.

Moon started her career in SEO when working for a school district. From there, she used her passion and fascination with search engine optimization to launch several affiliate sites and then began experimenting with her own local sites and providing SEO services to clients. As an SEO consultant and agency owner, she helps identify and fix technical site issues that affect rankings in Google and other search engines.

They have combined their years of On-site and Technical SEO knowledge into a complete DIY course with detailed step-by-step information to help you learn the exact techniques they use on their own sites and for their clients.