Ruben Villahermosa Chaves – Wyckoff 2.0

“If there is a shortcut in trading, it’s probably this book.”

Already an experienced trader? Want to learn advanced trading strategies? Stuck in your trading?

Welcome to the book that is breaking new ground: WYCKOFF 2.0: STRUCTURES, VOLUME PROFILE AND ORDER FLOW.

Ruben Villahermosa, Amazon bestseller and independent trader, discovers in this book a professional trading strategy based on two of the most powerful concepts of Technical Analysis: the best price analysis together with the best volume analysis.

What You’ll Learn In Wyckoff 2.0?

  • Advanced knowledge about how financial markets work: Dark Pools, OTC markets…
  • Tools created by and for professional traders:
  • Volume profile.
  • Order flow.
  • How order matching occurs and the problems of its analysis.
  • Building step by step your own trading and investment strategy.
  • Principles of trading with Value Areas.
  • How to implement Order Flow patterns for DayTrading.
  • What is Wyckoff : the synergy between structure analysis and volume profile.
  • Evolved concepts of position management.
  • And much more…!

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