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Learn The Basics of Painting In Oils or Acrylics. You Can Get Started Painting Today With This Comprehensive Course In Oils & Acrylics

Get Started Painting In Oils & Acrylics

Get Started Painting In Oils & Acrylics is a comprehensive course designed for the beginner to intermediate artist. It is taught in both oil paint and acrylic paints so you get to learn how to use the two main mediums for painting.

The course is broken down into six modules. Each module teaches key fundamentals of good painting. The last module is a complete painting demonstration which you can have a go at in your own time.

You will get to understand VALUES:

Painting studies to understand Values and how to apply color:

And more:

Plus you will also receive these BONUSES:

* Comprehensive Workbook – When you register for this course you will get instant access to the comprehensive workbook. The workbook goes through the various painting exercises and gives you additional reference material to work from.

* Using Google To Find Reference Material – When you are looking for something to paint one great way to find reference photos is with Google Maps. In this bonus training video I show you how to find great subjects to paint. You will never run out of a subject to paint again.

* Sell Your Art On Ebay – In this bonus video I show you how you can sell your art on ebay. It’s great for those who want to sell some art to buy more art supplies.

If you are ready to learn how to paint then enroll into the Get Started Painting course right now and let’s get started:

Course Curriculum


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    Welcome & Introduction (8:30)

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    What Makes A Painting Great (36:52)

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    Download Workbook

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    Segment 1 (16:03)

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    Segment 2 (10:36)

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    Segment 3 (12:22)

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    Segment 4 (9:42)

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    Segment 5 (6:22)

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    Segment 6 (12:40)

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    Big Cube Little Cube (27:09)

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    Ball & Cube (18:52)

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    Soup Mug (20:50)

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