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Quinisha Anderson – Go Viral on Teespring | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !



You may be a screenprinter looking to expand the reach of your shop, or maybe you are a novice, social influencer and just want to know what Teespring is all about and how you can monetize your time on the internet.

No matter who you are you want to know how you can make serious money using Teespring.

In this course you’ll learn how I made over $8,000 in 7 days with $0.

How was I able to go viral on Teespring with my first shirt? I wasn’t. I failed just like you. I’d used Teespring many years ago and never sold one single shirt. So how did I go from $0 to $10,990?

I’ll share with you everything I learned and applied so that you can turn your previous failures into success too!

Here’s [some] of what you’ll learn:

  • How to locate viral trends: you contribute to them everyday, if you ask yourself “have I made money from a viral trend I’ve shared?” and the answer is no, it’s time to elevate your knowledge with Go Viral on Teespring and turn that into a yes.
  • How to launch your first campaign: you can’t go viral if you don’t get in the game, launch your first campaign. Get that idea out of your head, start your apparel company with zero startup costs. I’ll show you how!
  • How to auto-relaunch your campaign: talk about passive income? this is passive income, I’ll walk you through the very important tweaks you need to make to ensure there’s buyer urgency and your apparel is in the way of their search!
  • The best settings for viral success: who better to tell you how to do it than someone that’s already done it? I’ve done it and so can you, but you need to know how and when.

Teespring interviewed me on how I went viral, what tips I’d offer to those wanting to do the same and more, check it out:

Teespring Interview with Quinisha Anderson on how she went viral

  • Where to find quality, affordable and talented designers: never designed a day in your life or you want to go big with your storefront and need designers? I’ll show you not only where to find them but how to talk to them and the right questions to ask to get what you want.
  • How to produce quality images to market your apparel: think you need a model? think you need a photographer? I’ll walk you through how to bypass both and go direct to market with your apparel in minutes and be armed with the images you need to share your apparel.
  • How to setup multiple Storefronts: why just have one when you can have many? I’ll walk you through the mindset of abundance and how to best leverage this marketplace
  • A Case Study: How two people went viral with one slogan. There’s enough out here for all of us, I’m going to help you see how when one person goes viral it makes room for others to do the same.. if you’re in position!
  • What retroactive payments are: Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’! The more you sell the more you make, passive and retroactively. I’ll break this down for you and show you why it matters and how you can unlock it.
  • How to bypass the Amazon Merchant wait list: the much coveted AM account, been on the waiting list for a year and you still see no end in sight? You’ve arrived. I’ll show you how.

…and so much more

This course is full of expert level strategy, hacks, proof, tips and money making walkthroughs. You get to dive deep inside my brain as I pour out everything I’ve learned over the last 15 years.

When you do well, we all do well. Let’s get it!

Course Curriculum

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    Course Introduction (3:56)

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    What is Teespring? (4:46)

  • Start

    What is Viral? (5:44)

  • Start

    Launch Overview (0:58)

  • Start

    Create Phase (7:56)

  • Start

    Add Products Phase (5:57)

  • Start

    Add a Description Phase (3:16)

  • Start

    You Did It! (1:11)