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Price Reversion Session Momentum Higher Timeframe Bias Bar Strategies By WBTrading – Instant Download!

Price Reversion Session Momentum Higher Timeframe Bias Bar Strategies By WBTrading

My Strategies

Price Reversion Session Momentum Higher Timeframe Bias Bar Strategies By WBTrading

Throughout the beginning of my career, as with all new traders, I tried everything in search of the ‘holy grail’ only to find that there’s no such thing. I tried to master support and resistance, I tried to master mean reversion, I tried to master trend lines, I tried to master supply and demand, I tried to master fundamentals, and on and on the search went as I remained uncomfortable, confused and without confidence.

Finding an edge is finding what works for you. What are your beliefs about the market? As traders, we trade our beliefs. Not those of other traders.

Up to now I’ve trained with and/or been mentored by four professional full-time traders [Which you’ll already have read about in the ‘About Me’ section of this site], all of whom have done things drastically differently, but interestingly, most of whom would always profess that ‘Their methodology is the way to trade’. This is simply nonsense. Every professional trader I’ve trained with made money consistently, yet each traded drastically differently. The bottom line? As I’ve already mentioned, finding an edge is finding what works for you.

What work for me are the four mechanical edges that I trade with complete conviction and discipline today, those being my D1 Swing edge, my Price Reversion edge, my Session Momentum edge and my Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar edge, all of which I identified and built myself.

All four of these approaches are mechanical meaning no guess work, emotion or predictions. Since I built, structured and began trading these strategies, my trading gained consistency, become worry-free and I became profitable.

I’m finally absolutely confident in my trading, my ability to execute my edges and have been trading full-time now from my home-office for coming up on two years.

No, they aren’t fool-proof. They don’t get me in at the top and take me out at the bottom, but they do produce consistent results and do consistently make me money [As long as the rules are followed, I learned this the hard way in my first couple of months trading mechanical strategies. More on this later over in the ‘My Trades’ section].

Long story short;

My edges solve the problem of having to use discretion and completely remove the need to guess, predict the market, use indicators, mark levels [everybody draws them differently…] and so on.

My edges are four completely mechanical, rule-based, black and white setups, two of which are day-trade strategies and two of which are swing-trade strategies that I combine to aid diversification.

As soon as you have the rules, you can see every trade setup that has ever occurred, clear as day. Again, solving the problem of knowing where to trade, when to trade, etc.

It’s an extremely simple, time-efficient and most importantly consistent way to profit from the markets with no stress, no guesses, no predictions and no worry whatsoever.

Just clear trade setups, and a statistically proven source of edge.

I initially traded my D1 Swing edge on an M10 chart, but found that being at the computer from 6:30am until 9pm whilst trying to maintain focus exhausting. I began trading to make money as we all do, but I also began trading for the quality of life, so I recently moved over to a D1 chart which has made a huge difference. More time to head to the gym, cook dinner, get some reading done in the day, get other jobs done, and overall less time staring at charts.

Within my D1 swing approach, I’ve now built and actively manage a portfolio of positions, diversified across equities [stocks], and across countries and sectors. Part of my strategies framework means that I stay within a maximum exposure limit, and am always balanced long-short.

I also trade the Price Reversion and Session Momentum edges on a daily basis, each morning, along with trading my Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar edge on a daily basis, each evening. The setup for each edge presents itself within an hour or so of the open and I then simply execute and walk away; The trade will either reach target or hit my stop [I’ve statistically proven this method to achieve the best results when compared to actively managing the trades].

The approaches are completely mechanical and emotion, worry and trade management are entirely removed.

I can say without a doubt [And can prove statistically] that my most profitable trades have been ones that I’ve executed on and left alone and just kept an infrequent eye on. In fact I’ve honestly found that the days that I’ve woken up, executed my edge/s and got back in bed have been some of my most profitable. [As long as my D1 swing positions have been checked at the close the previous night and I can see no action is required]. I say this because one of my biggest initial stumbling blocks was checking the charts too frequently, seeing profit slowly disappearing, exiting, and then finding if I’d just left the position to play out I would’ve made a lot more money.

Patience and removal of emotion is the foundation of my approach to trading. So what exactly is my edge on the market?

What are my edges?
My D1 swing edge is a completely mechanical momentum-play that I trade using a single momentum indicator alongside raw price-action. The edge can be applied across all markets and all timeframes, and the setup is executed on using rules that entirely remove emotion from the trading process.

Within this edge, depending on the timeframe selected and as it’s a swing edge, positions are help from anywhere between a couple to a few days or weeks right up into the months. The edge is designed to [almost just] run in the background. As mentioned above I usually hold positions at 1% initial risk each, keep total exposure below 25% of my total account equity and balance long-short, managing trades once a day. It’s an extremely passive and enjoyable way trade.

My Price Reversion and Session Momentum edges are recurring price sequences and/or structures within each market that present a single setup at the start of every session. These setups can also be carried into other markets, too.

To go into more detail, I noticed through nothing more complicated than looking at the charts every single day for weeks and months on end that certain price points would either attract or repel price to or away from them. When I noticed this happening extremely frequently, I built statistics on the occurrences, tested varying parameters that may allow me to profit from them, eventually was able to implement rules and from there, used this information to build both strategies.

To be more specific however, My Price Reversion edge is an edge built around one specific mean-reversion price-point, and my Session Momentum edge is an edge built around one specific momentum-play that outlines an entry-point, and executes to capture short-term directional moves.

My Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar edge is a rule-based setup I built around one bias-bar in particular and that can be applied to all markets and all timeframes. I typically identify the bias-bar in question via a D1 timeframe which suits me best due to the very low time-commitment required, before moving down to a H1 timeframe to place an order by following my rules, before then walking away. Again, removing emotion and discretion entirely.

I trade this edge during the evenings by scanning through the major and minor currency pairs, and if I can identify a setup I place an order – Which takes no more than five minutes to do – Before then, as mentioned, walking away.

More recently I’ve also began mentoring traders and teaching the strategies that I trade, sharing my approach and providing on-going support, making sure the traders I teach gain a comprehensive understanding of the markets and gain profitability from the off, and if they face any struggles I’m always right there at all times to offer support, guidance and to keep them on track.

Price Reversion Session Momentum Higher Timeframe Bias Bar Strategies By WBTrading, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 00. WBTrading Programme Checklist + Welcome!
  • 01.Day 1 – Mindset _ Understanding
  • 02. Student Case Studies
  • 03. Day 2 – Framework and Structure
  • 04. WBTrading – Higher-Timeframe Bias-Bar Strategy
  • 05. Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar Strategy Trade Record
  • 07. WBTrading – Price Reversion Strategy
  • 09. Price Reversion Strategy Trade Record
  • 10. WBTrading – Session Momentum Strategy
  • 11. Session Momentum Strategy Trade Record
  • 13. Outsourcing Chart-Time
  • 14. Create An Account With Our Preferred Broker, IG
  • 15. Are You A Beginner If So, Start Here
  • 16. Trader Development Resources
  • 17. WBTrading – Mentoring Programme Information