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Optimal Sex Life An Exercise Book for De-Armoring and Tantric Sex Book by Aaron Michael

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Optimal Sex Life is the product of over 2000 hours of coaching sessions given away to professionals who have clients that not only want to overcome sexual pain and trauma but wish to reconnect to the erotic in their lives…to trust in , heal and be empowered by their pleasure potential. This knowledge will not be found in any textbook.

Aaron Michael was urged by these professionals who received sessions to create this book, by the many clients for whom they did not formerly have answers, and by the lack of accurate information in the public domain.

Not only are you guided through the step-by-step of how to experience for yourself the results of such a coaching session, but you are taken on a journey of twists, turns, unlikely events and encounters with exceptional people that came together in his life and work, which have resulted in an approach and method that is truly unique, and you’ll only find here.

This will change the way you have sex, from how you move to the dynamic of your relationship.

An Optimal Sex Life is just one touch away!