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Nicabm – New Ways to Target the Treatment of Trauma | Instant Download !


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How to Help Clients Take Back Their Life from Deeply-Rooted Trauma

Avoid the costly mistakes that prolong suffering

Treating people who’ve experienced trauma can be some of the most challenging work you do as a practitioner. And all the more so because of the varying causes and types of trauma.

The toll it takes is immeasurable. It can destroy our client’s ability to focus, engage, and calm herself down.

Not only that, a traumatic history can overshadow relationships.

It’s all too common for someone who’s experienced trauma to protect himself with distant or even aggressive behavior.

And it can be painful to watch as a client checks out of or even sabotages the very relationships that could be a critical part of healing and recovering vitality.

But here’s the good news . . .

When we understand how to integrate the body and brain in the treatment of trauma, we can reduce symptoms and help clients reclaim their lives.

And if we can resource our clients with the skills to stabilize, ground, and short-circuit old patterns of reactivity, we are better able to clear a way for the deeper work of healing.

That’s why we’re bringing you this short, focused course . . .

How to Target Treatment to Help Patients Reclaim Their Lives After Trauma

Improve Diagnoses, Increase Effectiveness, and Discover New Treatment Strategies for Trauma

Bessel van der Kolk, MD

  • Why PTSD and Complex Trauma Require Vastly Different Treatment Strategies
  • How Misdiagnosed Bipolar Disorder Can Mask Trauma and Lead to the Wrong Intervention
  • Why Childhood Trauma Is More Complex Than We Think
  • Yoga Versus Meditation During Trauma Treatment
  • Why Heart Rate Variability Matters in the Treatment of Trauma
  • The Important Physiological Component of Intuition
  • Three Major Hallmarks of Developmental Trauma (That Can Go Misdiagnosed)
  • Questions to Ask When Assessing for Developmental Trauma
  • Strategies to Help Patients Find Internal Resources to Feel Safe and Calm
  • How Yoga Can “Detoxify” Internal Triggers of Trauma

Here’s What You’ll Get:

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