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Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski – Instant Download!

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

“Want to Land New Website
Clients Fast and Easy?”
Easy to use Software Builds Lead Gen Pages in Minutes!

  • Lead Page
    Software builds responsive landing page to land new clients.
  • Time Saving Solution
    Mobile Prospector Lite templates helps you to build demo mobile websites in minutes rather than hours.
  • Personalized Page
    Enter your mobile prospects information into the software, and they have a “Personalized” page built for their business.
  • More than a “Demo” Site
    Allows you to show a variety of demo mobile sites to your prospects, giving them more flexibility and ideas.

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

What Exactly does the Mobile Prospector Software Do?
The Mobile Prospector package is actually three products in one. You not only get our Mobile Prospector Lead Page builder, but you also get Five Mobile Templates that you can use to sell to local business owners.

Plus, you also get the “Lite” versions of these templates that will allow you to build out mobile demo websites in minutes and integrate them with your mobile lead page.

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

Lead Page Generator:

The Lead Page Generator will allow you to create a really professional looking lead page that you can send to your local business owner to show them how their website currently looks on a mobile device, and also displays a few options of what their website “CAN” look like if they added a mobile friendly website.

Here is a sample:

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

Lite Template Software:

You don’t want to spend hours creating any demo sites for your local business prospects do you?

You need something quick and easy to use that will create some mock up demo sites that match the colors and branding of your local business owners that will impress them and get them to write you a check.

The “lite” mobile template builder is an easy to use software that allows you to create five “Mock Up” tempmlates that you can upload to your server and display on your lead gen page.

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

The “Lite” templates are not full blown templates, they are intended for you to simply match color and images and integrate with your lead gen page.

The Full Template software will enable you to build out the full mobile templates for your local business once they choose to purchase a mobile website from you.

You will be able to create a full blown mobile website in minutes using our easy to use software. Simply click on the “Mobile Prospector Full Template Builder”

Here are the template samples:

Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski


Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski

Customer Testimonials:

“When things were looking down for me and after 3 years of searching for an online opportunity, spending nearly $10,000 and earning nothing, I found your MSM Software for offline business a month ago. … a month later I started my first business. Can you believe it !!! … for the first time after 3 years trying many other online ‘stuff’, I made 10 sales and earned my first bucks … $1000 … Now how cool is that? ”

Amien Jacobs

“I have now been using Davids mobile website software for 4 weeks . What I love ,
Is how easy it is to use , I watched the training in one evening and went out the next day and landed
my first client…it took me about and hour and a half to create my first mobile website but now I can crank them out in around 15 minutes. ”


“I don’t normally leave testimonials but then again how often do you come across such a fantastic product. I have bought several of Daves products before and they always massively over deliver not to mention his unwavering help and support. These mobile sites builders help me make $1000s of dollars weekly selling to local businesses. ”


Mobile Prospector By Yaro Glogowski, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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