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Mike Varshavski – Professionals Media Academy


Branding & Identity

Discover how to create your media brand and position yourself as a trusted expert that can shape the public’s understanding of your field.

Social Media Management

You’ll learn the ideal process for managing and growing your social media presence and an engaged following on any platform.

Content Creation

From generating viral content to hiring team members to support growth, learn how to create click worthy content that generates engagement.

YouTube Management

Consider the algorithm demystified. You’ll receive an exclusive look at what’s working now and how to position your content to explode on the platform.

Media & Public Relations

Discover how to attract media opportunities with your brand and pitch producers to be featured in television, print, and radio.

Sponsorship & Brand Deals

Understand the financial inner workings of traditional and social media and how you can build a healthy secondary, or even primary income.

How to Take Care of Yourself

Learn Doctor Mike’s best tips to avoid burnout and take care of your health, so you can be a media expert for the long-term.


How to Create Brand Merch

Learn how the Doctor Mike team currently makes their brand merchandise.