Melissa Riker - Clean Routine Academy1Melissa Riker – Clean Routine Academy

Everything you need to know to keep a clean & tidy home without frustration!

Have you ever felt guilty for not keeping your home clean?

Do you want a clean & tidy home but don’t know where to ?

Do you get overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning and decluttering your house?

Clean Routine Academy is for you!

About the Course

Getting a handle on cleaning and decluttering can be frustrating. You don’t know where to or how to keep it up once you actually do clean.

Imagine if you could keep your home sparkling clean with less effort and less time.

What if you had a system that meant you were never overwhelmed with cleaning and clutter again?

Clean Routine Academy gives you that system and more!

Course Curriculum

Clean Routine Academy
  • What you’ll learn in this course(1:04)
  • Finding Your Why(2:24)
  • Developing a Plan(3:37)
  • Creating a Schedule(4:27)
  • Cleaning Basics(4:25)
  • Controlling Clutter(7:49)
  • BONUS: Quick Cleaning Cheatsheets(4:59)
  • BONUS: Family Cleaning Task Cards
  • BONUS: Stain Removal Guide

Hi, I’m Melissa

I’m a blogger, wife, and mom to 3 sons who worked as a hotel maid and home cleaner in college. During that time I learned countless tricks for making cleaning easier and more efficient.

Over the past 9 years of blogging I’ve received countless emails from readers overwhelmed with getting their homes in order. They want a clean home, they want to keep it tidy, but they just don’t know where to .

Clean Routine Academy walks you through a step-by-step process to control clutter and clean your entire home easier and faster, without frustration.

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