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Marlenea Johnson – Manifesting Money Like Magic (Package B) | Instant Download !


Marlenea will be channeling Divine Messages coming forth as given from her Angelic Money Team. Marlenea does everything in her power to help You awaken to the truth about who You really are —You are an amazing, powerful divine being who is meant to play a unique role on this planet simply by being YOU.

Her mission is to bring the pure light and truth to every soul on the planet. Since the Angel sprinkled Amazing Golden Stars on her, her entire life has Transformed! All her depression disappeared, she was unable to be around negative people, and found myself speaking Miracles right into existence! And right now, she can not imagine anything stopping You from receiving Your Miracle either!

Make sure to jump on the call early- press star 2 to be chosen to work with Marlenea.
The lines will be jammed by thousands of people around the world!
Marlenea will be opening Your Magic Money Books on The LIVE call! Don’t Miss Out!!!

Track 1 – Activating and Maintaining Your Money Mentality

Money is a vibration of Divine Love and Joy!

This activation will raise your vibration
Clear your Money Mentality
Then install the Money Manifesting Mindset

Track 2 – Meet Your Magical Money Team PDF

There are Angels of wealth who help you with your financial issues. The role of these Angels is to bring you money. They specifically are given the task to assist us with financial issues.

This is a Powerful pdf
You will be introduced to Your Angelic Money Team
Learn What their roles are
Be given specific prayers and a meditation process

Track 3 – Magical Money Mantra

A Powerful Money Mantra To Laxmi
Playing this daily really increases Your Wealth Flow

Track 4 – Illuminate Your Money Aura

This process will activate your Money Aura
Bringing in the Rainbow Frequency
You will attract more Money the more you glow!

Track 5 – Your Relationships and Money

This track explains how your relationships effects your money flow
Helps you to release and let go of all anger and negative feelings you may have towards money and people that actually is one of the main reasons you are experiencing any lack or delay in receiving from God and the Universe.

Track 6 – Become Unlimited

Subliminal Programming
Best listened to while sleeping
Rewires your brain
Amping up your highest potential

Track 7 – Laughing all the way to the Bank – PDF

Powerful Affirmations to use daily
Powerful declarations in the present tense

Track 8 – Reiki Activation for Money

Relax as I send the Reiki Energy to You
To be used daily

Track 9 – 30 days of Remote Money Integrations ( not include)

Plus, Track 10 – Millionaires Mindset Subliminal

Subliminal Programming
Best listened to while sleeping
Rewires your brain

Track 11 – Good Morning Money

Wake up each day in gratitude for the Money about to show up!
Yes! Joy follows Money-Be the absolute Joy Money is looking for!
Use this track each and every morning for Your greatest results!

Track 12 – Good Morning Energizer

Totally Awaken and be Energized
Full Chakra Opening
Use this track anytime You need a boost of energy!

* 1,2,3 Manifestit Third eye Chakra-Golden Eyes Awake

* 1,2,3 Manifestit Golden Hand Activation-Manifesting Booster

Are You Ready?
Open Your Divine channels to God, Source, Universe and be fully connected/aligned
Have a Money Manifesting Mindset
You’ll receive daily support and upgrades
Become unlimited-grounded-clear and empowered
Activate Your Millionaire Mindset
Become a Master Money Manifestor