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Magic – Same Night Lays And Day Game

In this series you will learn to make sex happen with women within hours of approaching them. You will discover step by step blue print to approach women and lead them to having sex with you within hours of meeting them.

Watching these 4 DVDs you will be able to master body language that generates attraction. You will learn how to enter a venue so you have high status that generates attraction. As a result of watching The Same Night Lay Mastery DVD series you will master the skills to have sex with women at public venues like bars and clubs.

You will learn the techniques to seduce the woman while winning over her friends so they don’t object you taking her home. You will learn the intermediary steps that turn women on and make sex happen in less than hour of meeting them. You will know exactly how to make a woman leave a venue and keep her turned on until you reach home.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student Same Night Lay Mastery DVD series will give you the skill set and tools to bring a new woman home night after night.

Day Game Mastery is a set of 5 physical DVD’s mailed to you in a plain box to maintain privacy. As with all our products you have 60 days to test this product. If the content in the Day Game Mastery DVD’s do not explode your success with women during day time, you can simply return the DVD’s and get every penny back.

Here is what students are saying about these DVDs

Hey Magic,

Overall the product you have launched is just fantastic and very very instructive.
But you already knew that or else you wouldn’t have rolled it out as a product.

  • You shedding light on ‘negging’ as being manipulative and counterproductive to our success with women is very useful. It helps a guy start on the right foot and feel he is a man of value and deserves the best.
  • Listing the values that make a man a perfect 10 was very good. You illustrated each of those values with examples and gave me a game plan to get my life in order which not helps in pickup but every other aspect of my life. The one about being dominant was priceless.
  • Telling us the importance of making a woman feel feminine and how to go about doing so.
  • “Make out means nothing for a girl” OMG, that just hit be like a boulder. So true yet never stuck me before.
  • In the video you talked about touch being huge.
  • I love the example you gave about how you can talk sexual stuff about anyone else with the woman and just by kinoing her as you’re talking, make HER feel sexual. min 38 on the DVD 1
  • The fact that throughout the DVD’s you keep circling back to eye contact, sexual comfort with oneself and touching was extremely helpful and helped hammer in the point that those are the main building blocks.

Hope this review was useful. If you want me to comment on anything else specifically, please let me know and I will be more than glad to help.

V, Chicago

P.S. I also wanted to talk to you about doing a 2 on 1 workshop around Fourth of July and would like to reserve that date. So let’s fix a phone call or something. Also when will your nest conference call be happening?