M.A.P.S. Academy Mastering Automobile Purchasing and Leasing From Home 2022M.A.P.S. Academy Mastering Automobile Purchasing and Leasing From Home 2022

Save Thousands of Dollars and Hours of Time Shopping For Your Next Car… All From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

15-Year Auto Industry Insider Coaches You Step-by-Step to the Best Deal Without the Anxiety and Hassle.

Tired of the overwhelming anxiety you feel every time the thought of car shopping comes up?

Ever left a dealership wondering if you should have gotten a lower monthly payment, more for your trade in or a better interest rate?

Keep Reading If You…

  • ​Are afraid of getting ripped off by a dealership.
  • ​Hate negotiating or aren’t good at and feel intimidated.
  • ​Have been pressured into buying something you didn’t want.
  • ​​Feel like a target because of your age, sex, race or credit score.
  • ​Had a dealer tell you one price, only to switch it later.
  • ​Don’t know how to find the dealers without markups and bogus fees.
  • ​Don’t know what to say or when to say it and second guess everything you do say.
  • ​​​Constantly find yourself trading your car for less than you owe.

I’ll be coaching you step by step through:

  • ​How to get the best deal on ANY vehicle without spending hours at a single dealerships.
  • ​How to never overpay for a car again, even if you’re the world’s worst negotiator.
  • ​How to GUARANTEE the best interest rate and loan structure – saving you thousands (even if you have bad credit).
  • ​How to have dealerships bid against each other for your business while you relax at home.
  • ​The shopping strategy I use to find the best used cars on the market no matter what your budget is.
  • ​How dealers hide money in leases without you ever knowing and the only way to avoid it.
  • ​​How to have multiple buyers compete to buy your trade in or leased vehicle (even if you owe money on it).
  • ​How to sell your lease for maximum profit without buying it yourself, then reselling it.
  • ​​How to handle 90% of your purchase FROM HOME and in some cases 100% without buying from Carvana.
  • ​​and much, much…much more!
With over 15 years experience in the auto industry with General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and running his own new car brokerage, Deshone has the car buying and selling process down to a science. During his career he’s seen countless customers overpay and make expensive, but easily avoidable mistakes.
Deshone believes that anyone who follows the steps he’s laid out in M.A.P.S. Academy will get a better deal than 99% of people shopping the old way.
Having helped thousands of people around the country make and save money buying and selling cars, you’ll feel confident you’ll never make another mistake again that will cost you money!

What You Get By Enrolling Today

  • Leasing Like a Boss – Great Deals From Home
  • ​Buying and Keeping – Dodging Fake Fees and Mistakes From Home
  • From Negative Equity To My New Lease
  • ​Life Happened!! Switching Cars with Negative Equity
  • High Mileage Leases for the Financially Savvy
  • ​Driving, Driving and More Driving: Keeping Long Term and Saving Money
  • ​​​Mistake Free Car Buying With Cash
  • ​I’m Ready to Lease But My Credit Isn’t
  • ​Buy Right and Refi: Bad Credit Strategies for Long Term Buyers
  • ​Starter Cars – Mastering Low Budget Deals

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