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Local SEO for Business By Jason Wright For Immediate Digital Download!


All-in-one SEO training that will move your local search results to the next level. Based on using WordPress, Jason packaged his techniques developed over 10 years into a series of 43 practical ‘over the shoulder’ videos that will help you get a clear SEO strategy for yours or your client’s business to dominate in map packs and local search.

Local SEO for Business By Jason Wright’s Course Modules:

Module 1: Website Setup

Lesson 1:    Overview Video

Lesson 2:    Domains

Lesson 3:    Hosting & SSL

Lesson 4:    CDN

Lesson 5:    Marketing Workbook

Module 2: Tracking Setup

Lesson 6:    Overview Video

Lesson 7:    Google Analytics

Lesson 8:    Search Console

Lesson 9:    Bing Webmaster Tools

Lesson 10:   Keyword Tracking

Module 3: Initial Research

Lesson 11:    Overview Video

Lesson 12:    Keyword Research – Home Page

Lesson 13:    Keyword Research – Service Page

Lesson 14:    Local Search Analysis

Lesson 15:    NAPW & Bus Description

Lesson 16:    Image Optimizations

Module 4: Maps Setup

Lesson 17:    Overview Video

Lesson 18:    Google My Business

Lesson 19:    Bing Places

Lesson 20:    Facebook

Lesson 21:     Facebook – Adding locations

Lesson 22:    Apple Maps

Module 5: On-Page SEO

Lesson 23:    Overview Video

Lesson 24:    Silos, navigation

Lesson 25:    Taxonomies, archives, permalinks, sitemaps, and indexing

Lesson 26:    On Page Optimizations – Home Page & CRO

Lesson 27:    On Page Optimizations – Service Page

Lesson 28:    PageOptimizer Pro

Lesson 29:    Footer optimization

Lesson 30:    Location page/pages

Lesson 31:    Blogging

Lesson 32:    Schema

Lesson 33:    Open Graph

Module 6: Off-Page SEO

Lesson 34:    Overview Video

Lesson 35:    Perfect Spun Content

Lesson 36:    Backlinks

Lesson 37:    Citations

Lesson 38:    Web 2.0

Lesson 39:    Buying links

Lesson 40:    Google Stack

Lesson 41:    Online Branding

Lesson 42:    Microworkers

Lesson 43:    Business Reputation


While serving in the military, Jason developed a never quit attitude, this mindset helped him in both work and life. Jason gained hands on experience working in the digital marketing departments of Disney, Myspace and Playboy. He took all he learned from these roles to take the leap and start his own business doing something he was passionate about; local SEO.

“Every local business starts with a single location, which can eventually grow into a national chain. My passion is to help those businesses grow, and SEO is an essential part of it.”

Stemming from an analytical background, Jason has always questioned qualitative results and gave preference to quantitative tests. He is the founder of Marketing by Data, a Marketing and SEO consulting firm for corporate and small businesses. In 2019, he has helped generate over $10M for his clients.

What Students are Saying

The course has helped me better understand how it all is connected when it comes to SEO from a local perspective. It was very easy to understand and the lessons were perfect in length. I’m very pleased with the program!

Patric Melander, SEO Manager

I have now been looking at things that I never knew existed before. I’ve started a new site using the new techniques that I learned in the program and am loving the results.

Great course. Highly recommend. Even if you don’t plan on implementing it as a business owner it keeps you from getting BS from the company that you hire to help you do SEO.

Brian A Thomasson, Business Owner

Local SEO for Business By Jason Wright, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)