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Link Building The Team Lazy Way (High ROI, Low Effort) By Shawna Newman – Instant Download!

Link Building The Team Lazy Way (High ROI, Low Effort) By Shawna Newman

Link Building The Team Lazy Way
Learn how to land high ROI backlinks with low effort.

Stop Wasting Time Building Low ROI Backlinks

Building links to your site can take a really long time.

And sometimes those links don’t really end up moving the needle much, if at all.

Personally, I HATE link building because it can be so time consuming.

The Team Lazy approach is really the only way that I build links to my sites.

Link Building The Team Lazy Way is a course for both beginners and the more advanced site builder who wants to be able to score awesome backlinks without spending a million years doing it.

✅ – No more stressing about finding the time to build links.

✅ – No more blindly building links that don’t end up being that great in the end.

✅ – No more accepting that link building doesn’t work for you.

You just need to know HOW to build great backlinks with as little effort as possible.

I’m going to walk you through all the Team Lazy methods that I use to build awesome links.

Right now, you’re probably doing things like the super time consuming (and low ROI these days) Skyscraper method and paying for guest posts that end up being removed a few months later.

You don’t really wanna spend your time like that, do you?

I remember how it was back when I utilized super time consuming link building methods.

It sucked.

That’s what led me to come up with my Team Lazy methods for kickass links.

But you don’t need to go through all that because I’m taking all of my experience with high ROI + low effort link building and putting it into this course.

❌ – No time wasted looking for guest post opportunities

❌ – No confusion on if the skyscraper outreach is working

❌ – No paying shitty link building agencies for shitty links

There’s nothing quite as demotivating as working hard on building links that offer terrible results.

Usually that happens as a result of following the herd and doing the same tired old ways of link building.

This course isn’t just about building backlinks, it’s about making better decisions on how to build the best links.

Let me help you stack the deck in your favor by teaching you how to get creative with your link building while also saving time.

If you’re already doing well with your link building (and not following the herd), then this course probably isn’t for you.

But, if you don’t know how to best spend your time building links, then this course is definitely for you.

Do you really want to keep wasting time and money on shitty backlinks?

Let me help you get better at low effort and high ROI link building.



  • What To Expect
  • So, About Link Building


  • HARO, But Not Like You Think
  • Oh, You’re So Interesting
  • Tell Me I’m Beautiful
  • Dude Check Out These Stats
  • I’m Available For Interviews
  • It’s Me, Your Photographer
  • Telling The World I Love You
  • I Scratch Your Back…
  • Hello, New Kid On The Block

Putting It Into Action

  • Best Practices

Link Building The Team Lazy Way (High ROI Low Effort) By Shawna Newman, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. Methods
  • 3. Putting It Into Action