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Kim Krause Schwalm – Supplement Copy Boot Camp

5 LIVE workshops with your boot camp host, Kim Krause Schwalm

Kim Krause Schwalm – Supplement Copy Boot Camp include: Zoom access to LIVE workshops with Q&A at end of each workshop and chance to get feedback + call recordings (video/audio) + slide decks + transcripts + PDFs of any samples used

Workshop #1 — State of the Supplement Market and Why It’s Different: Tuesday, April 18th – 1pm Eastern

·  Supplement market overview: top-selling products, how to spot a “hot” nutrient, who the target market is, top sales channels/formats to use (online AND direct mail), biggest players
·  Supplement copy compliance: FDA/FTC—overall guidelines and tricks for getting around them
·  Research overview: best studies and where to find them, competitor research, collecting swipes, using AI tools
… And more!
Workshop #2 — Giving your Supplement Promo the Huge Edge it Needs: Tuesday, April 25th – 1pm Eastern
·  Stage of market sophistication and why unique mechanism/proof are essential for supplements
·  Differentiating your supplement in a sea of competitors
·  How to maximize your doctor/”guru” and boost sales even without one
·  How to structure your promo to keep your prospect reading or watching—and avoid common mistakes that lose supplement buyers
… And more!
Workshop #3 — How to Beat Supplement Controls and Launch New Products: Tuesday, May 2nd – 1pm Eastern
·  Secrets to beating an existing control: how to analyze and find its weaknesses, where to look to gain an edge, leaving no stone unturned
·  Deciding on the “big idea”: best angles to use/test, how to weave it throughout your promo
·  Crafting compelling headlines and leads for promos (sales pages, VSL, direct mail)
·  Driving traffic to your supplement sales page or VSL with the right email or “lift”
… And more!

Workshop #4 — Making It Impossible for Your Prospect NOT to Buy: Tuesday, May 9th – 1pm Eastern

·  Closing the sale with copy – what you MUST do with supplement copy closes

·  Structuring your offer – best types that work and how to choose
·  Creating upsells and cross-sells – online, phone, email follow-up, in the box
·  Getting reorders: the crucial lever that makes all your promos more profitable
… And more!

Workshop #5 — Supplement Client Secrets – Best Tactics for Freelancers Now: Tuesday, May 16th – 1pm Eastern

·  Finding clients

·  What to charge
·  Negotiating royalties
·  Steering clear of bad clients
·  The all-important, cover-your-butt contract must-haves
·  What supplement clients are looking for
… And more in Kim Krause Schwalm – Supplement Copy Boot Camp!