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Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 8 2023 Puerto Rico

YouTube video

What You Learn:

  • SOLVED:  Decoding Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm – Step by Step to Dominate your niche
  • How to Use Search Query data to Build a Ranking File, even for products you haven’t launched
  • How to use Google’s BigData Warehouse and Google Looker Studio to visualize and crush it with PPC
  • An AI Reality Check for Entreprenuers and how to take advantage
  • Incredibly easy way to find management level contractors (HACK contest winner)
  • Understanding how Amazon scores your listing and what recently changed that you must do now
  • How to check full keyword density on competitor listings
  • How to do Amazon posts impression stacking automation
  • How to get A+ premium content when you only have a few skus (or even 1)
  • A completely TOS compliant way to remove negative reviews
  • How the Art of Packaging can add Millions to your bottom line
  • How to double your cashflow with this supply chain strategy
  • How to properly measure Ominchannel marketing
  • 44 Step Super Advanced Amazon Product Launch Guide
  • How to put several more million dollars into your pocket when you exit, and also after you exit
  • Optimizing listing images for the A9, Google SEO and unconventional tools for validating keywords
  • What does brand really mean and why
  • Keyword CVR, distribution and external traffic
  • Top 7 mistakes Big Amazon Sellers make and how to avoid them to make bank
  • The cash conversion cycle and why it matters
  • The best 6 hacks guaranteed to boost your Amazon business in 2023 (WINNER)
  • Optimizing item packaging for e-commerce (huge money saving tips)
  • Why your Amazon business will faail you – and why this strategy won’t
  • The BEST way to build, own and engage your audience to crush it