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Katrina Ruth Programs – Abundance

I’m putting together something so powerful, so magical, so oh my God yes, so HELL yes, so wow, that even when you SAY yes, you still won’t really believe JUST how yes, it is.

And when I say yes?

I mean YES –

You get to turn on money flow the likes of which you previously barely dared to dream (yet always knew) was even possible.

And YES –

You get to start receiving NOW.

And YES –

There is a way you can literally snap your fingers, and watch money, flow, magic, your LIFE, by design, form before you.

And of course YES –

All of the things which you’ve been one day-ing on, wishing for, hoping for, waiting and MAYBE-ing about can be yours, done, RECEIVED, and so it IS, and just.


Oh, and did I mention?

YES. All of this is within reach no matter HOW much you’ve tried already, how much you’ve pushed and clawed and yet not made it, and no matter HOW much you think you still need to figure the fuck out or PROVE.

I mean, really – haven’t you always KNOWN that’s true, anyway?

It’s all just a matter of tapping in …

Of turning your back on the stuff you’re carrying around – so much stuff! – which tells you that it HAS to be hard, painstaking, drawn out, and maybe not possible.

And instead?

Turning INTO abundance, truth, alignment, purpose, passion, receiving, with EASE, and that’s just how it is.

Oh, how FABULOUS life can be, how fabulous life IS, when you let it BE THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

Because really, what all of this is about?

It’s time to get back to what you were born for, and to USING the inner power and wisdom you came already pre-packaged with. YOU WERE BORN TO BE BLESSED, to live in FLOW, to RECEIVE.

Are you ready, finally, to tune in to what’s been there all along?

Because if yes?

I made this for you.

Introducing my brand new and HOT off the press of my soul creation for you!

Over the past 6-7 years I have actively studied and cultivated abundance, and the mindset of living in it and receiving it, effortlessly and in flow, and from a multitude of ALIGNED sources.

Actually my learnings go back far beyond 6-7 years; I can remember tuning in to such ideas well before the age of 10, and even at 3 or 4 years old I was already selling, creating, expecting, to receive.

But many of the things which came naturally to me as a child were drowned out as an adult, as I found myself – and perhaps you can relate? – following the ways of the world.

Buying into beliefs that life should be HARD …

That money doesn’t grow on TREES …

That success comes at a PRICE …

And that me and money? Just weren’t gon’ maybe EVER be friends.

Have you ever felt that way? As though you and money, never mind other forms of abundance and RECEIVING, just weren’t destined to be?

I felt that way for YEARS, and it seemed like life was determined to prove it to me as well, because no matter how hard I pushed and hustled and picked myself back up again, and believe you me I DID, I just couldn’t seem to get ahead.

I’d make money.
And lose it.
Or there’d somehow seem to be nothing to show for it, even when it did come in!

Two steps forward. And sometimes what felt like a MILLION, back.

At the worst of it I found myself over 100k in debt, sitting at my dining room table and looking at bankruptcy paperwork. I just didn’t know how I could go ON, because as much as I’d been trying and trying and TRYING, everything I could ever seem to draw IN to me just slipped so quickly away, and every dollar I DID come by felt like it was wrung out of my very SOUL.

It was exhausting. And every time I felt I’d hit rock bottom, I’d find the floor fell away and there was a new low to hit. In fact at one time (for real now!) I actually cried out and BEGGED God, saying that SURELY I’d gone as low as I could go, and I heard His audible voice reply to me and tell me I was going ALL the way DOWN before I’d come back up again!!


I don’t know what your beliefs are on God, but I’m a believer and always have been, and at that moment I realised something:

It was time to let the fuck GO (my words, not God’s, although I think He was pushing me on the concept!) and TRUST.

Surrender to the fact that as much as I’d been PUSHING, I hadn’t been doing the one thing that I actually needed to do in order to EVER sort out my money shit, never mind get ‘rich’.

RECEIVE, baby.


I never ended up going ahead with the bankruptcy, I don’t have an issue with it from a moral standpoint; I think it’s fine, but for me I couldn’t handle that it would have meant no longer being allowed to be Director of my own company, but also because somewhere deep inside I still had a small seed of determination, which told me:

You’re going to be okay.

You’ve GOT this.

But first baby? You’re goin’ ALL the way down.


I can tell you that that’s the ONLY time in my life I’ve ever heard God audibly, as well. Talk about a punch to the guts!

But it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear, because at that moment something in me shifted and I thought:

Well bring it ON then. If I’m going to go down anyway I’m going to stop holding on so TIGHTLY and just get it the fuck OVER with!

And I had a vision, also from God, of me, clenching to the edges of a rollercoaster, fighting GRAVITY out of fear, and how that would mean that when I finally got to the bottom?

I’d be stuck there.

No momentum.

No where to go.



I let the fuck go, and for the first time maybe EVER, I decided to trust.

And then I just decided to get rich. (ALIGNED rich!)

Have you actually decided that yet? REALLY? In ALIGNMENT?

Just checking


That period in my life was about 6 or 7 years ago, and from that moment (the God moment) onwards, I started to actively and DAILY tune in to abundance.


To acting only what FELT right, also, whether it be business or money-makin’ creations and activities, or even the smallest things in how I went about my every day, not just as an entrepreneur, but as ME.

I started to HONOUR my soul’s callings.

And as much as I almost wish I had a story of it STILL not working and then what I finally figured out (’cause it would make for a better story maybe!!) here is the truth:

The VERY MOMENT I said ‘fuck this shit’, quit doing stuff that wasn’t ALIGNED for me, and consciously chose to and RECEIVE, things started to turn around.

Of course I was completely dead broke and in debt and at the time often not even able to buy COFFEE; I’d also sold every single thing I could POSSIBLY sell – house, car, shares, even my handbags on eBay – by that point, so I guess I’d kinda done the hard yards part of the story!!

But yes. It was literally from that day forward that things started to turn around for me, and it happened FAST. In fact, within 4 weeks I’d made an extra 40k cash RECEIVED (out of a ‘from nowhere’ new idea), within 6 months I was consistently doing 50k a month in my online business, within 8 months 80k a month, and 10 months after it all went down with the visions and shiz I had my first 100k month.

Of course I’ve had periods since then when I’ve found the money flow seems tougher to come by, or even when it’s got a little scary with big outgoings and the like, but EVERY time I’ve found myself NOT receiving with ease, it’s been when I’ve gone against what I first learned and started implementing around ABUNDANCE back then, and what I’ve used MOST of the time ever since.

I still get human AF from time to time and forget what I know and live by

But overall I’m doin’ pretty good at practising what I preach, because today my business is on track for its first 500k month and I’m consciously aligning to soon being an 8-figure per year entrepreneur.

In fact, what I’m going to teach you in ABUNDANCE, is based on exactly what I myself am doing to call in that 10-million / year income, and keep growing BEYOND!

As well as its based on exactly what I FIRST did, to fully and finally step into allowing.

Wanna know the best part?

I receive abundance – money flow and ALL other forms – ONLY from alignment, and by doing what I love, was born and called for, living my purpose, and being 100% true to me!

It’s actually the only way


So let me ask you a question:

Do you think –

That all of this might be something you wanna get your hands on?!

Never mind ACTION, and enjoy the outcomes of, right?!


So here’s the thing.

You can keep on fighting, if you like.
Pushing and striving and!

And you can DEFINITELY ‘achieve’ by doing that. Hustle & grind DOES pay off …

Kinda sorta.

And just to be clear: I am ALL about the hustle! I just think that there’s hustle (alignment, flow, your whole biz and life on purpose) and then there’s hustle (misalignment, fear-based pushing, going against what you WANT or are CALLED for).

You know?

I prefer the first.

And I also prefer the HELL YES WITH EASE sort of achieving, on repeat and no matter how big I dream or ask, as opposed to the kinda sorta one.

Wouldn’t you?!

I mean, after all – you DO get to choose!

So here is what I have for you, and what ABUNDANCE is all about.

And I know, I know – ! I take KIND OF a long time to get to the point!! Can’t help it … don’t wanna … just following the flow!! But I think it’s important, also, for you to hear this, and I also think that by the time I get to the point the only ones still with me are those who can’t NOT be, who truly NEED this, who are aligned to my message and who I am THEREFORE HERE TO HELP.

If that’s you, then believe me when I tell you:

ABUNDANCE will change your life.

The concept and the practice of it, obviously, but also? My course, which I’ve made you, and which I am perhaps more excited than anything I’ve ever done, to share with you.

Oh and if you think this is just about gettin’ to RICH, it’s time to start dreaming bigger! Money flow is a given, but while we’re at it, let’s just get you into receiving and allowing ALL the things, yes?

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