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Jonny Elwyn – The Art of Action Editing Pro | Instant Download !


The Art of Action Editing, a unique editing training course from Film Editing Pro, offers you the opportunity to learn how to edit to a professional standard whilst cutting together a lengthy fight scene, filmed by a professional Hollywood crew.

The course runs at just over 9 hours of training and is accompanied by 20 GB of HD dailies to cut your own version of the scene with, as well as a collection of nearly 900 sound files – including foley elements, sound effects and trailer hits.

The course is only open for registration at specific times, so that they can keep the class sizes small enough to ensure each student gets the support, review notes and help they need to make the most of the course.

So sign up here to be notified of when the next registration period is open and in the process check out the free, three-part course Film Editing Mastery, which will give you a taster of the quality of the training delivered by the team behind Film Editing Pro.

There are other editing courses available online, for example, if you want to master how to be a documentary editor you really can’t beat Inside The Edit, and you can get professionally shot footage to practice your editing with, from places like Edit Stock, but as far as I know, Film Editing Pro is the first course to provide the excitement and challenge of cutting a full-on fight scene, supported by in-depth training and a team of editors on hand to review your work and provide critical feedback.

Film Editing Pro were kind enough to give me access to the course for the purposes of this review.

These HD dailies were shot by a real Hollywood director and stuntman who has worked on such films as InceptionThe Dark Knight RisesStar Trek and a host of other huge blockbuster films. – Film Editing Pro Course Outline

Sign up for a free course first

The free introductory course, Film Editing Mastery, breaks down the core competencies an editor requires, provides some nice little tips and deconstructs a scene from Sherlock Holmes to reveal how the edit and sound design can work together to shape the narrative and audience perception of events.

For a free 40 minute course you’d be crazy not to grab it while you can, as it is genuinely good, and not just marketing fodder.

This free course also seems to only be available at specific periods of time, and so if you’re reading this at a later date and it’s not yet available, sign up to the email list and you’ll be notified when it is.

The following snippets are taken from Film Editing Mastery to give you a flavour of what’s in store. If you’re after more freebies you can also download a free ebook with ’50 pro editing tips’.