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My courses help people plan, launch and build successful niche websites and blogs.

I own several niche websites with total monthly revenue over $40,000 USD per month.

I’m in the trenches building out real websites daily.

My training doesn’t offer generic training that you can find for free.

Instead, my training reveals little-known strategies only someone who actually does this stuff for a living knows. In fact, my training reveals tips and strategies that take your traffic and earnings to the next level. We all know the basics. I’m not interested in showing you things you can find out for free.

I’m interested in revealing to you strategies I discover and use as a result of constantly improving my own niche sites’ performance.

About Instructor:

👉 Hey, Jon Dykstra here, normally this is where I am supposed to impress you I’m some sort of guru, SEO wizard or some website whisperer with special powers.

Well, I can’t stand this stuff. I am just your typical neighborhood dad, however what I do have is a formula that works for making high income niche sites. It took me 10 years of trial and error to get it working consistently.

Best of all, my formula is pretty much the opposite of complicated and everything is basic: Basic writing, basic design, basic site. Nothing fancy. But these bring in massive amounts of traffic and income. Below is how much I made in a few months, see for yourself…

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