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Jon Buchan – Charming LinkedIn Sales Template Pack | Instant Download !



The right words in the right order to the right people can get you anywhere in life.

LinkedIn has the people. This template pack will give you the words – and in the right order, too.

If you are looking to win new clients, this LinkedIn sales template pack will help you. You can start new conversations with your ideal prospects.

LinkedIn Cold Direct Message Template Testimonial: "Jon Buchan, I received my first voice response from a cold LinkedIn message today. The voice note contained 25 seconds of hysterical laughter and 15 seconds of them agreeing to a phone call. My favourite response yet. Happy Saturday Charmers!"

This pack includes effective LinkedIn direct message templates for:

  • Sending connection requests that your prospects will read and pique their curiosity enough that they will take a look at your profile (and accept your request).
  • A follow up message template for sending to your new connections that makes your prospects smile and reply positively.
  • Getting the attention of your dream clients in a way shows you’re eager, but without coming off as a crazy fanboy / fangirl.
  • Congratulating your connections on their birthdays and new jobs/positions in a way that delights rather than annoys.
  • A template to send prospects for one of the most maligned LinkedIn notifications: “work anniversary” – but done in a way that will make your prospects smirk, smile, laugh out loud and hit the ‘reply’ button.
  • Congratulating connections on being featured in the news.
  • A cheeky little smirk-inducing message to send prospects who’ve been looking at your profile.
  • A ‘thank you’ message to send prospects who have started following you on LinkedIn.
  • A cold pitch template for responding to prospects who have posted on LinkedIn that they are looking for suppliers.
  • Generating recommendations from your old colleagues, suppliers, and other professional connections to boost the persuasive potential of your LinkedIn profile.
  • An outreach template to invite yourself onto podcasts and other media channels.
  • A simple direct message template just to say “I love your content.” to get on the radar of someone influential or that you look up to.

This pack also includes LinkedIn Newsfeed post templates for:

  • Pitching services and even gets them to tag colleagues, friends, and mortal enemies who they think would benefit from your services
  • Celebrating good news (e.g. PR coverage or a new client win) without coming off as bragging.
  • Generating opt-ins to your email list using a lead magnet. This includes a crafty little tip for massively expanding the reach of these posts to maximise the number of successful opt-ins


Mini Training – How to Write a Funny LinkedIn Bio that Stands Out

The pack also contains a bonus mini training that shows you how to make your LinkedIn Bio more captivating. This guest training is provided my award-winning stand-up comedian and professional humorous copywriter friend, John Holt.

This mini training analyses several ‘normal’ LinkedIn bios, providing ideas on how the copy could be edited to become more light-hearted and funny. This training will show you some clever tactics for adding funny, and hopefully inspire you to give your own profile an amusing refresh.