John Cochran And Jeff Watson – Wholesale Reformation


What can you expect from this course?

The Wholesale Reformation course brought by John Cochran and Jeff Watson is an ideal course providing you the essential information about the wholesale and real estate field in order to encourage you to advance the wholesale activities operating the working process with the wisdom mindset.

You will have a chance to reduce all fears and ambiguous works due to the myths and misconceptions about wholesaling that distract you to make the big decision and make the big enhancing step in the career path, being closer to the success and wealth.

Taking part in the Wholesale Reformation course, you will provide a comprehensive picture about the wholesales, so that you can get the right awareness about what you legally can and cannot do to protect yourself while being in this field. You will get through 2 main sections that help you to advance the wholesaling and extend the income that are accurate contracts and essential legal knowledge.

With the accurate contract, you will meet the ultimate techniques allowing you to validate the real estate contracts, which are the essential things required a wholesaler to have. The course’s content will walk you through the elements of the contract law that are the intent and capacity of the parties, so that you can build a strong awareness for protecting yourself from the risks in the financial future.

Also, the course will provide you with the essential legal knowledge which is the Flip Right teaching you the essential principles that you need to know in order to legally wholesale real estate.

What will you learn from this course?

Via the professional syllabus of the Wholesales Reformation course, you will experience the high-quality lessons allowing you to manage the wholesale safety and be in legal. Participating in the course, you will be available to access the live training class and meet your mentors, who are experts in real estate and wholesale field. They will lead you to get through the whole official wholesaling process.

Here is the detail of course’s outline that you will follow up when taking part in the Wholesales Reformation course:

  • Intro call
  • Getting the free deals: you will meet4 high-effective strategies using to get the best deal
  • Paid ways to bring in seller leads that barely wholesalers can do it
  • Getting the combo motivated seller
  • Learning when to assign and when to double close the wholesale deals
  • Assigning deal in the legal way
  • Double closing deals
  • The biggest mistake and the biggest name are making
  • The advanced solution to deal with the case that you find out your wholesale is illegal
  • Generate cash, accumulate wealth and how to keep both
  • How to completely transform the wholesaling business into a machine
  • How to make the first profit up to $100,000 from the wholesaling.

The Wholesale Reformation Live Training Classes

Intro Call (The Kickoff)

  • 15,000 ft view of wholesaling “The Legal Way”

Getting Free Deals (Part 1 We cover 2 strategies we use daily to get the best deals for $0)

Getting Free Deals (Part 2 We cover 2 more strategies we use daily to get the best deals for $0)

Paid ways to bring in seller leads that nobody can get but you

The Combo Motivated Seller

  • Bringing in motivated sellers that have multiple levels of motivation
  • How to find sellers with 2-5 levels of motivation and HAVE to sell

When To Assign & When To Double Close Your Wholesale Deals

Assigning Deals (The Legal Way)

  • What is assigning
  • The deals you can assign
  • The deals you can’t assign
  • Your new assignable contract (Explained in detail)

Double Closing Deals (The Legal Way)

  • What is double closing
  • When you should be double closing your deals
  • How to find the funding to double close (HINT: We have it for you)

The Biggest Mistakes The Biggest Names Are Making

  • Real examples of what the “Guru’s” are teaching that are flat out wrong
  • Real examples of what to stop doing immediately
  • What to do if you know you’ve wholesaled illegally to erase yourself

What to do if you know you’ve wholesaled illegally to erase yourself

  • Done 4 you examples of how to legally market your wholesale deals
  • How to find cash buyers

Generate Cash, Accumulate Wealth and How To Keep Both

How To Completely Transform Your Wholesaling Business Into A Machine

How To Make Your 1st $100,000 Wholesaling In 30 Days or Less


Bonuses Included With Wholesaling Reformation

2 videos teaching the basics about asset protection

  • Entity formation and selection
  • Taxation that is designed to be used by investors to lower your taxes

How to protect your assets and do business in a better, smarter way

Training on how to substantially increase your profit in any wholesale deal by making a few subtle changes to the typical Purchase and Sales Agreement a wholesaler would use to sell or assign a piece of property. Those savvy adjustments can practically double the month that a wholesaler would make by acting like a Real Estate Investor instead of just a quick flipper

About the Author

John Cochran has been known as the CEO of the Real Estate U, who is the successful real estate investor owing the multi-million dollar. Due to the enormous knowledge about real estate that he gained from the long working time as trader, John Cochran has helped other people doing the investment much more easily by providing the created tried, tested, and proven systems.

John Cochran And Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson is an attorney who has had an active trial and hearing practice for more than 25 years. Jeff Watson is also known as the cofounder of Realeflow, LLC, which made the Inc 500 list in 2011 and the founded his law firm prepares deeds and other documents for two title companies. In addition, Jeff Watson has published 6 digital books providing educating information about law, business.

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