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Everything you need to know about working with brands as an influencer to double your income in 90 days.

Do you find yourself stressing over whether or not you have enough sponsored work coming in?

Are you tired of waiting to be picked out of a sea of other bloggers in a network of bloggers?

Do you feel as if there’s no way to work with brands because you’re too small of a site?

Or, do you just want to see an increase in your income?

Then, you’ve hit the jackpot!

What if I said you could..

Fill your editorial calendar with sponsored content three months in advance.

Authentically grab the attention of brands who want to work with you, and create long-term relationships with them.

Work with brands even if you’re a smaller site. It’s all about your niche and the specific brands that you want to work with.

Double your income in the next 90 days.

It’s more than possible and I want to show you how!

In my step-by-step course, I’ll teach you how to authentically pitch brands in a way that makes you memorable and someone that they want to work with. No more being just another profile picture amongst a sea of bloggers. I want you to double your sponsored post income because that’s exactly what I did. I went from having two to three sponsored posts to replacing a teacher’s salary in 90 days. I now have to turn down opportunities because my editorial calendar is too full!

I want that, and so much more for you! Let’s do this!

Working with Brands shares my converting strategies to capture a brands attention and makes them want to continue to work with you because of the level of content that I will teach you to bring to the table. No more lackadaisical attempts at creating sponsored content that your audience cannot identify with. Your sponsored content will become your most popular content.

Here’s what happened to my income when I put my strategies all together. I more than doubled my income!

Imagine if each day you could look ahead to the following month and know exactly how much income was coming in from sponsored posts.

Imagine that you’re no longer the hunter, but now you’re the hunted. Brands are reaching out to you and they’re paying well to do it.

Imagine that you had a specific timeline of strategies laid out for you. No more guessing what will work or what brands want to hear.

Imagine if you were given all the tools in the treasure trove of a toolbox geared towards working with brands and doubling your income by doing so.

Course Curriculum

Welcome !
  • Welcome to Working with Brands (3:08)
Setting the Foundation
  • Sponsored Posts 101 (13:05)
  • Crafting your Elevator Pitch (7:02)
  • Elevator Pitch ers
Pitching the Brand
  • Deciding which Brand Fits (4:38)
  • Finding the Golden Ticket (8:21)
  • UPDATE Using IG Stories to Attract Brands (5:01)
  • Realistic Pitch (14:52)
  • Following up after Initial Pitch or Proposal (2:07)
  • Flow Chart of when to Follow Up
Perfect Proposals
  • Media Kit 101 (13:57)
  • Updated Proposal Info (3:01)
  • Proposal Creation (11:45)
  • The Out-of-the-Box Bonus (10:59)
  • Pricing (9:08)
  • Contracts (2:49)
Sponsored Posts that Convert
  • Essential Elements of Sponsored Posts (12:17)
  • NoFollow Links Tutorial (6:00)
  • Authentic Content (7:21)
  • Social Media Promotion (9:41)
  • Mastermind Groups (12:30)
Follow Up After Post is LIVE
  • Invoicing (3:46)
  • Tracking for Social Media (8:12)
  • Culmination Document (8:04)
  • Sponsored Campaigns Master Sheet
  • NEW! Reporting Changed with InfluenceKit & 50% off for you! (40:07)
Additional Resources
  • FAQ – Working with Brands
  • Websites referenced in Course
  • Email Template Shortcut Guide
  • Brand Product Receipt Tracker
  • Track It ALL
  • Renegotiation Emails
  • Private FB Group
  • How to Increase your Income as an Affiliate of Pitch Perfect Pro (7:51)
Affiliate Resources
  • Negotiate Like a Pro with Danielle Liss of Businessese
  • 3 Free Strategies to Grow your Instagram Engagement & Tribe with Carla Biesinger (33:21)
  • How to Write a Killer Welcome Series with Kirsten Oliphant (63:49)
  • How to Create an Instagram Flatlay with Brooke Lark (72:58)
  • How to Grow your Twitter Following with Saira Perl (37:24)

Your Instructor

Jenny Melrose

Jenny is a former inner city school district reading specialist that “retired” from teaching after replacing her teaching income with her blogging income from her lifestyle site, The Melrose Family. Jenny worked hard to set her site and her influence apart so that brands sought her out to work with her. She went from having an empty editorial calendar to one that was full three months in advance and needing to turn down some opportunities. As a former teacher it is her passion to teach bloggers how to do the same, which is why she created A site for helping influencers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Courses Included with Purchase

  • Converting Media Kit Video Training
  • Traffic Booster
  • Productivity Magnified Video Training

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