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Jenny Melrose – Instagram Story Accelerator

Time to double your engagement and increase your sales!

Your Instructor

Jenny Melrose

Jenny is a former inner city school district reading specialist that “retired” from teaching after replacing her teaching income with her blogging income from her lifestyle site, The Melrose Family. Jenny worked hard to set her site and her influence apart so that brands sought her out to work with her. She went from having an empty editorial calendar to one that was full three months in advance and needing to turn down some opportunities. As a former teacher it is her passion to teach bloggers how to do the same, which is why she created A site for helping influencers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Course Curriculum

Instagram Story Accelerator
  • Welcome! HERE! (0:49)
  • Why IG Stories & How to Get ed (41:55)
  • 20 IG Features to Make YOU Stand Out (43:52)
  • Best Uses of IG Stories (32:23)
  • Ways to Increase Engagement with Your Dream Clients (20:00)
  • How SWIPE UP isn’t as important as you thought and why not to use it (10:39)
  • How to Define Your Brand for Maximum Engagement (29:35)
  • How to Use IG Stories to Engage & Attract Prospects (9:14)

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