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Jeff Baker - Baker SEO Course1Jeff Baker – Baker SEO Course

The SEO course that teaches you the 5% of SEO that generates 95% of results

I spent over a decade learning how to teach just what you need to know to generate results. No wasted time.

After asking a bunch of people, here’s the 6 biggest problems (that you’re probably familiar with!) with learning SEO online.

  1. You don’t learn the 5% of SEO that actually creates organic traffic.
  2. You learn concepts that are unnecessarily complex. Most courses lean heavily on technical SEO concepts that you will rarely use.
  3. You don’t know where to start when you finish the course. You literally do not know how to apply the information.
  4. You don’t get tools and templates (that make SEO super-simple) for everyday use.
  5. You don’t get access to your instructor for follow-up questions and advice.
  6. Your modules aren’t action-oriented, they are academia-oriented.

Sound familiar to you?

Why is this course for you?

  • This is a course that you will actually finish, and be able to apply your skills while taking the course.
  • And it’s not just designed to “learn SEO” theory for the sake of it, it’s designed to start generating real results ASAP!
  • This is a course where you’ll feel like you’re being talked to like a friend who genuinely wants you to succeed.
  • You’re going to feel good about SEO, not scared.

You’ll skip 10 years of learning with just 19 modules of content: just the things you need to know about SEO to be successful. No filler.

Google Ranking FactorsComplete understanding of Google and how its algorithm works so that you know EXACTLY what to do to rank well in search.

Advanced Keyword ResearchUnderstanding EXACTLY how to find the keywords your audience is using and you can rank for, and templates.

Data-led Content for SEOUsing data to be able to create the most comprehensive content on the web that ranks ahead of your competitors

Reporting and InsightsReporting templates to understand performance and uncover insights.

Web Analytics TrainingGoogle Analytics and Google Search Console training

Content Marketing StrategyContent marketing is SEO. We will develop content strategies that generate SEO and commercial results.

Content Brief TemplatesFool-proof content brief templates designed to perform in search

Technical SEO BasicsJUST the technical and on-page SEO factors that currently matter, and how to use them.

Practical ApplicationStep-by-step instructions and assignments you can apply to your site immediately


I use three methods of learning: teaching concepts with real world examples, creating real-world assignments, and providing custom-made tools and templates.

1: Understanding search engines & SERPs
2: Using formulas to translate SEO into revenue-generating outcomes
3: A deep (and mathematical) look into mapping keyword intent
4: Mapping keyword intent profiles to specific business outcomes and content
5: How Google works and a deep (mathematical) dive into RankBrain using examples
6: Advanced keyword research: Ideation
7: Advanced keyword research: Using math for success
8: Advanced keyword research: Application
9: Data-led content creation techniques
10: The 10-datapoint content brief
11: The technical SEO that creates results
12: Introduction to Search Console
13: Search Console performance tracking II
14: Search Console performance tracking III
15: Navigating Google Analytics for SEO
16: Google Analytics: Building an audience profile (demographics), conversion evaluation, & an executive report
17: Google Analytics: Building a marketing channel profile, conversion evaluation, & building an executive report
18: Google Analytics: Building a Landing Pages & behavior report, conversion evaluation, & building an executive report

19: Google Analytics: Understanding conversion timing, pathways, & building an executive report

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