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Irrational Labs (Dan Ariely) – Behavioral Design Bootcamp

This course has enlightened me about analyzing user behaviors, plus theories & strategies to induce behavioral changes.

Strengthen Your Expertise in Behavioral Economics

In this 8 week on-demand online bootcamp, you’ll learn at your own pace, discovering how to use behavioral economics to boost KPIs, enhance customer experience, and build more robust and effective products from the ground up.

In addition to course modules, you’ll interact with other participants and Irrational Labs team members in our slack community, office hours, and other live events for bootcamp participants. You’ll share what you learn with fellow course participants and get feedback on your work.

What you’ll learn:

1. Welcome to the course
2. Foundational Concepts
3. Behavioral Design
4. Key Behavior
5. Behavioral Diagnosis
6. Identifying Barriers
7. Solving for Barriers
8. Barrier Relativity
9. Barrier Attention
10. Barriers Endowment _ Loss
11. Amplifying Benefits
12. Benefit Concreteness
13. Benefit Social Norms
14. Benefit Incentives
15. The Psychology of Pricing
16. Experimentation
17. Becoming a Behavioral Designer

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