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ICanStudy – Justin Sung (Learning coach, Ex-medical doctor, Top 1% TEDx Speaker)

In the realm of learning research, a significant issue looms large — a disconnection between the pursuit of academic publication and the tangible impact on the real world. This divide poses a challenge as researchers strive to bridge the gap between their scholarly endeavors and practical application. Simultaneously, practitioners, often constrained by limited research skills or time, struggle to critically interpret and implement research findings into their professional contexts. The resultant landscape is one of disjointedness, where decision-makers, policymakers, advisors, educators, and researchers operate in silos, each lacking the time and expertise to facilitate a cohesive connection.

Enter #iCanStudy, a private company dedicated to the ambitious task of uniting these disparate elements. Recognizing the complexity of this challenge, #iCanStudy acknowledges the need for a concerted effort to bridge the research-practice gap effectively. Being a private entity, #iCanStudy possesses the luxury of time and resources, positioning itself as a potential catalyst for change. The company strives to address the multifaceted nature of this issue, understanding that decision-makers, educators, and researchers operate in distinct spheres, often unaware of each other’s realms.

The overarching goal of #iCanStudy is not merely to address the immediate challenges but to envision and work towards a future where a practice and impact-centric learning research lab becomes a reality. This aspirational vision seeks to establish a self-sufficient ecosystem where research seamlessly informs practice, and vice versa. The envisaged learning research lab would serve as a nexus, facilitating the convergence of research and data, practical insights, and funding mechanisms.

At the core of this initiative is the acknowledgment that the current landscape is intricate and multifaceted. It involves a range of stakeholders, including decision-makers shaping policies, governmental entities defining educational frameworks, advisors offering guidance, educators imparting knowledge, and researchers generating insights. Yet, the challenge lies in the lack of synergy, leading to a fragmented system where the potential impact of research on practice remains largely unrealized.

The work undertaken by #iCanStudy serves as a step towards resolving this complexity. By dedicating itself to the task of amalgamating diverse elements, the company aims to create a cohesive framework that transcends traditional boundaries. In essence, #iCanStudy strives to become a hub where the expertise, time, and resources converge to bridge the gaps that have long hindered the seamless flow of knowledge from research to practice.

However, it’s crucial to recognize the enormity of this undertaking. The gap between research and practice is not just a challenge; it’s a complex beast that requires a strategic and sustained effort to overcome. The goal of forming a practice and impact-centric learning research lab reflects a forward-thinking approach that transcends immediate problem-solving. It seeks to establish a framework where research doesn’t merely exist in academic silos but becomes an integral part of the broader educational landscape, directly influencing policies, practices, and funding priorities.

In conclusion, the disconnection in learning research is a formidable challenge, and #iCanStudy emerges as a dedicated entity striving to address this issue. By envisioning a future where a practice and impact-centric learning research lab becomes a reality, the company aims not only to bridge existing gaps but to reshape the landscape of educational research and its practical implications. Through concerted efforts, #iCanStudy endeavors to usher in a new era where the intricate web of research, practice, and impact forms a cohesive and self-sufficient ecosystem, ultimately transforming the way we approach learning and education.

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