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Hypnotica – Deleted Youtube Channel rip – Feburary 2019 | Instant Download !


Hypnotica – Deleted Youtube Channel rip – Feburary 2019

This is a complete channel rip (until Feb 2019) of Hypnotica’s youtube channel which has been deleted by youtube. It is a shame as he had a lot of great content on his youtube channel and I personally gained a lot from his videos.
Hypnotica posted the following message on his Facebook page yesterday:
“Fuc@# YouTube! My channel with 4 millions total views was deleted. I have hundred of hours of videos and 20,000 subscribers that enjoy my perspective on being a masculine man.
What a shame that they would disable my account because there is a lot of great information geared for helping men become better men.
I think I’ve been targeted for my Political views or Because I am a white male?. There was nothing there that was over the top. Just for my Ultimate man programs was over 600 hours of interviews, teaching and advice
Don’t worry you tube this is the kind of shit that kicks me in gear, I will promise you I will find platform and blow the f@#$ and my voice will be heard 100x more than ever. Once I find out the deal I am going to go in full production just to say Fu@# you. Full censorship in action.”
This torrent contain all videos uploaded on the channel until Feburary this year. Due to the big size of the videos I have also included the audio rips to help those who would like to save some ratio.
Edit: Just to let everyone know, I can only seed this few hours a day due to taking my laptop to work. Please be patient I will slowly upload all of it.

Edit 2: thanks for the comments its a good idea if he doesn’t have a backup himself. I will contact him