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Hypnosis Practice Client Attraction System By Tribe of Healers – Instant Download!


What if you had some simple, proven strategies you can use right away to help you to feel more confident promoting yourself and your services? What if you could attract the right kinds of clients – clients you can be successful with? In this beginner-level course you will learn simple, easy techniques to help you identify your ideal client so you can promote yourself and your services to the right people. You’ll learn 4 common but costly marketing mistakes and how you can get paid for promoting yourself and your hypnosis services.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to Attract Hypnotherapy Clients You Can Be Successful With
  • The 3 Essential Truths About Hypnosis
  • Why “Build It and They Will Come” is a Myth
  • 4 Costly Marketing Mistakes I made (So You Can Avoid Them)
  • The Importance of Touching the Owie
  • How to Create a Clear Marketing Message to Promote Your Hypnotherapy Practice
  • The Easiest Way to Attract New Hypnosis Clients
  • How to Get Paid for Promoting Your Hypnosis Services
  • 8 Tips for Presentations and Facilitating Hypnosis Groups
  • Why You Should Never Discount Your Hypnotherapy Services
  • How to Use Coupon Deals to Get More Hypnotherapy Clients
  • How to Get Testimonials that Sell Your Hypnosis Services for You
  • More …

Get started today! Learn how to make your job easier by attracting more hypnosis clients that you can be successful with!

You’ll also get this BONUS CONTENT:

  • How to Make an Extra $10K in Your Hypnosis Practice e-book
  • 22 Dos and Do-Nots for Promoting Your Hypnosis Practice at Health Fairs Checklist
  • 21 Ways to Feel Better Now Client Handout
  • 11 Common Signs of Hypnosis Checklist
  • Script for Deepening Self-Hypnosis
  • Sample Client Testimonials
  • Client Feedback Template (2)
  • Script for Making the Client Responsible for the Results
  • PDF Report of Complete Course

What You Will Learn
Prepare to Learn
Essential Truth #1
Essential Truth #2
Essential Truth #3
Marketing Mistakes
Field of Dreams Myth
Marketing Mistake #1
Marketing Mistake #2
Marketing Mistake #3
Whats In it For Me?
Offer the Right Solution
The Who-What-How Solution
Marketing Mistake #4
Be True to You
Touch the Owie
Client Attractors
Online Attractors
Education-Based Marketing
Teach Classes
Presentation Tips
8 Tips for Group Work
Start with an Outline
Have a Sign-Up Sheet
Use PowerPoint
Provide Handouts
Make Participants Responsible
Use Deepeners
Wrap Up Convincingly
Offer a Reward
Pricing Pitfalls
Premium Fee
Disaster vs Ka-Ching!
How to Get Great Testimonials
Client Relationship System
Ongoing Support
BONUS – How to Choose Your Hypnosis Practitioner
How to Choose Your CH – Part 1
How to Choose Your CH – Part 2
How to Choose Your CH – Part 3
Client Attraction Summary

Hypnosis Practice Client Attraction System By Tribe of Healers, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)