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How To Interpret Your Transits – Timing Life Changes By Kelly Surtees – Instant Download!

How To Interpret Your Transits – Timing Life Changes By Kelly Surtees

Join Kelly for a four-week online astrology class on how to interpret your transits. Discover what is a transit is, when it will occur and how it will affect you.

Online Astrology Course

Learn how to interpret your transits and time changes in your life in this 4 part online astrology course.

In this introductory course on predicting with transits astrology, you’ll begin working with dynamic techniques, and explore how a birth chart is activated at different points in time.

You’ll learn:

  • What a transit is
  • How to work out when a transit will occur
  • How to read an ephemeris
  • Which transits really matter
  • How a planet transit will influence and change you
  • How to interpret a transit
  • Which transits will affect love, relationships, money, career, health, vitality and more
  • How to create a year ahead forecast using transits

You’ll learn how to prioritise, organize and understand the various transits that can happen in your birth chart. You’ll learn timing and transit techniques you can apply to your own chart, and to the charts of friends, family or even clients.

You’ll learn the transits and cycles that affect important life areas like success, career, money, love, family, children, health and personal growth.

Discover how to work out WHEN a transit is happening, WHAT it means, and HOW to work with your transits.

This four-module online astrology course is suitable for students with an intermediate level of astrology knowledge. Pre-requisites include Kelly’s Chart Interpretation Classes. You must already know core chart interpretation skills, including aspects, sect and planet strength/dignity techniques to get the most out of this training.

Your course registration includes 4 video classes, two pre-recorded Q&A sessions, audio, the class slides, reading material.

You’ll also have access to a private discussion area where you can ask questions and interact with other students in the course.

You’ll get instant access to Kelly’s webinar Uranus Transits for the New Era
You will also receive access to the 2018 course materials

What Students Are Saying:

“I find Kelly’s course to be invaluable… My strategy is to sign up for all of Kelly’s four week short courses, this being my first, and to gain more knowledge and practice in each topic. I am two lessons into her course on transits, and already, I am clearer than I have ever been. The importance of sharing live examples of each transit and their meanings, cannot be overstated. The reading, homework and going through the student chats, is aiding my development immensely. This is really so great and is making a world of difference. Thank you Kelly and thank you Larry.” – Stacey Quinn

How To Interpret Your Transits – Timing Life Changes By Kelly Surtees, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 1. Teaching Assistant Introduction
  • 2. Session 1 What’s in a transit
  • 3. Session 2 Planets on the Move
  • 4. Session 3 Transits, Houses and Key Topics
  • 5. Session 4 Effective Transits
  • 6. Q&A Sessions
  • 7. Bonus Materials
  • 8. 2018 Course Materials
  • 0. How To Interpret Your Transits