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Grow Your Blog Fast By Brian Dean – Instant Download!

How To Turn Your Blog Into a


1. Start with proven blog post templates.

The right formats, on the right topics, with just the right length to get results like these:

Grow Your Blog Fast By Brian Dean

2. Strategically promote your content with advanced promotional techniques.

I’ll show you the specific strategies you can use to promote your content like a pro.

Grow Your Blog Fast By Brian Dean

3. Then, turn your blog into a system.

So you can generate targeted traffic on demand.

Grow Your Blog Fast By Brian Dean

This is the Grow Your Blog Fast System.

And I want to give it to you today.

Hi, I’m Brian Dean, founder and CEO of Backlinko.

I recently published a blog post that brought in
40,184 visits in 7 days.

This was a simple, text-based blog post.

And despite being a “simple” post, it brought in a flood of targeted traffic and email subscribers.

This post wasn’t out of the ordinary for us. Far from it.

In fact, thanks to my proven system, Backlinko brings in 400 thousand visits every single month like clockwork.

Traffic that has helped us build my email list to 152,159 subscribers.

And grow Backlinko into a growing, multi-million dollar business.

My secret?

It has NOTHING to do with Facebook ads, complicated funnels, or any other nonsense like that.

And it’s not because I’m some sort of marketing genius (I’m not).

My “secret” (if you can even call it that), is that I have a successful blog

Seriously, that’s it.

Because the truth is this:

A successful blog is like a cheat code for your online business.

Need a new client? Send out a Tweet that you’re accepting new clients… and watch the leads roll in.

About to launch a new product? You’ve got an audience of raving fans ready to buy.

Ready to publish a new blog post? There’s a small army of people waiting in the wings to spread the word.

In other words: a successful blog makes everything else in your business 10x easier.

And I firmly believe that the secret to growing a blog in record time relies on this simple, 3-step formula:

1. Use Proven Blog Post Templates

2. Strategically Promote Your Blog Content

3. Turn Your Blog Into a System

I’ll dive deeper into these 3 steps later on.

But for now…

That’s the GOOD news. It’s time for the BAD…

The good news is that a successful blog makes traffic, leads, sales, clients, hiring, product development, branding… pretty much everything in your online business… 10x easier.

The bad news is that growing a blog isn’t always easy.

And I should know.

I launched my first blog (a blog in the weight loss space) in 2011.

Spoiler alert: that blog was a HUGE failure.

I remember logging into Google Analytics one day. And when I saw that my traffic was almost exactly the same as 4 months earlier, I wanted to throw my laptop out the window.

(Luckily, I didn’t. It was a Macbook Pro 🙂 )

But what really stung was that I followed all of the advice from the so-called blogging “experts” to a T.

You know the kind of advice I’m talking about:

Publish a new post every week

Share your content on Facebook

Guest post on other blogs

Jump on the latest and greatest social media platform

And despite following all of these “blogging best practices”, my traffic barely budged.

It was SUPER frustrating.

It took me another year before I realized that the problem wasn’t me.

(OK maybe the problem was partially me, LOL)

The big problem was that most of the advice out there on blogging is HORRIBLE.

The internet is clogged with bad advice on blogging.

“You need to publish a new post every week”

You don’t. Seriously… you don’t. That advice might have worked back in the day. 2.9 million blog posts come out every single day on WordPress blogs alone. The world doesn’t need MORE content. It needs BETTER content.

And yes, to stand out today, you need to publish awesome content. But not just any awesome content: the type of content that stands out and grabs people’s attention.

“Promote your content by sharing it on social media”

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. But if you expect a Facebook post or a Tweet to send a flood of targeted traffic to your site, you’re in for a sorry surprise.

That’s because social media algorithms are BURYING posts with links in them. And that’s a trend that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

“You need to guest post on other blogs”

Guest posting might be the most overrated tactic on the planet. I should know: I’ve published over 200 guest posts for my various websites over the years.

And I can tell you from experience that guest posting is usually NOT worth the effort. Just think of all the stuff you have to do just to publish a single guest post: find a site to guest post on, send a pitch, write a draft, work with an editor, publish your post… all for ONE link on ONE website.

This isn’t a smart (or scalable) way to grow a blog.

“You need to hop on Vine, Instagram, Periscope, etc. etc.”

Every year, a new site or platform is considered the “next best thing” for building an audience. This happened with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine… the list goes on and on.

And while there’s a place for building an audience on these platforms, the truth is that you don’t own these platforms. So your audience can be taken away from you without warning.

Just ask all the people that got thousands of “Likes” on their Facebook pages with absolutely nothing to show for it.

And after following all of this generic advice, and getting nowhere, I realized something:

Most of the advice that you read out there on blogging is well-meaning… but misguided.

That’s because most blogging “experts” started their blogs in the early days. In other words: back when growing a blog was EASY.

Back in the day you COULD just publish a new post every week, post it on Facebook, and get lots of traffic.

But to grow a blog today, you need to tap into a completely different approach.

And when I launched a blog in the personal finance space a few years later, I ignored the “experts” and tried a NEW approach.

This new approach was a complete game changer for me:

Instead of publishing a new post every week, I published one EPIC post every month.

Instead of sharing my content on social media, I promoted it via email outreach.

Instead of guest posting, I promoted my blog via podcasts, partnerships and other untapped traffic techniques.

This time, my blog’s traffic took off like a rocketship.

And, not surprisingly, revenue closely followed. In fact, my personal finance blog went from a blank WordPress installation into a $10k/month earner in 4 months.

To be clear: I’m not making any specific revenue claims here.

Instead, I’m showing you what’s possible when you grow your blog the right way.

That’s when I decided to step into the ring with the “big boys”

After the success of my personal finance site, I decided to launch a blog in a space I was super interested in: digital marketing and SEO.

Sure, I knew that marketing was one of the most competitive industries on the planet.

(After all, I was about to go toe-to-toe with other professional marketers)

But I also saw an opportunity in that space that I couldn’t pass up.

Here’s what happened next…

It didn’t happen overnight. And it took hard work.

But thanks to this new approach, Backlinko grew REALLY fast.

In fact, despite being in one of the most competitive industries on the planet (digital marketing), I went from zero to 37,585 monthly visits in 6 months.

And about a year after that, my traffic shot up to 148,555 visits/month.

Flash forward to today, and Backlinko now generates 444,521 monthly visits.

The best part?

I didn’t need a thousand blog posts or a huge team of people to do it.

In fact, Backlinko only has 118 total posts.

And those 118 posts generate 444,521 visits every single month.

Like I mentioned earlier, a successful blog is like a cheat code. A cheat code that makes everything else in your online business 10x easier.

How “The Successful Blog Cheat Code” can help your online business grow

Make no mistake: growing a business to 7-figures (and beyond) takes work.

But when you have a successful blog, the entire process is MUCH easier.

It Wasn’t Easy (And It Took 7 years), But I’ve Developed a “Blogging Blueprint” That Gets Results

Brian Dean (FAQs)I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko.

As you’re about to see, I developed a 3-step process for growing any blog in any industry in record time.

Like I mentioned earlier, I used this 3-step system to grow a blog in the personal finance space from scratch… into a $10k/month earlier.

This same 3-step process helped take Backlinko from scratch into one of the most popular marketing blogs on the planet.

I’ve also helped dozens of other blogs (in industries like fitness, finance and dating) grow too.

In short, my growing blog fuels my online business (and helps my business grow by leaps and bounds year after year).

The question is: how did I do it? And how can you do the same thing?

Shortly after the Backlinko blog blew up, people started asking me “Brian, how did you do it? Your blog came out of nowhere.”

I had to laugh. Like I showed you before, my first few blogs were complete disasters. It wasn’t until the launch of my personal finance blog that I finally started to figure things out.

Then, out of nowhere, people saw Backlinko take off like a rocket, watched my blog get featured on “best of” lists, and saw me get quoted by journalists as a marketing expert.

But they didn’t see the proven techniques I leveraged behind the scenes to pull it off.

I’m not sharing this with you to brag…

I’m sharing this to show you that I’m not a random guy who got lucky once. I’m also not one of those guys that started their career with a “blog about blogging”.

Instead, I’m someone that’s spent 7 years in the trenches growing several blogs in lots of different industries. I know what works. What doesn’t. And exactly what levers to pull to drive targeted traffic.

And I can teach you to do the same.

Specifically, it’s time for me to cover the 3 steps that make up the core of my proven system.

Step #1: Forget List Posts and Case Studies. Use Blog Post Templates That Are Working Right Now

List Posts. Case studies. Infographics.

Are these formats dead?

Not yet. But they’re getting there.

In fact, you might have noticed that I don’t publish many list posts or case studies anymore.

And there’s a simple reason for that:

These formats are totally played out!

Just think of how many lists posts and case studies are out there. Thousands.

So for you and your blog to stand out today, you need to use NEW formats that no one else is using.

In fact, I recently set out to analyze what type of blog content is working best right now.

One of the first things I noticed was that list posts, infographics, case studies, and “the usual suspects” in the blogging world don’t work NEARLY as well as they used to.

You might have noticed this yourself. A list post that would have done really well a few years ago falls completely flat. An infographic that might have gone viral now gets ignored. These old school content formats have their place. But there’s no denying that they don’t pack the same punch that they did back in the day.

Fortunately, I also developed lots of NEW formats that were absolutely crushing.

These are content formats that very few people know about.

So I started testing out a bunch of new blog post formats (like “Be The Source” and “The Content Hub”).

And because no one else is using these little-known formats, these posts CRUSHED.

In fact, here’s what happened to my traffic once I started to ditch lists posts and case studies… and focused on these new formats:

Since then, I’ve fine-tuned and packaged these formats into detailed “Blog Post Templates.”

There are 6 of them in total. I’ll share more about these Blog Post Templates later, but first, we need to talk about the second step in my system…

Step #2: Strategically Promote Every Single Post Using Tested Promotional Strategies

I have good news!

When you know what to do and how to do it, content promotion is actually really easy.

And when I say “Content Promotion”, I don’t mean sending the same spammy script to 100 different people. That doesn’t work anymore.

And I’m definitely NOT talking about “sharing your content on social media”. There’s a place for social media. But firing links into Facebook or Twitter isn’t going to move the needle.

If you’re serious about promoting your content, your blog and your business, you need to tap into new promotional strategies that are working right now.

So: what’s working right now?

A combination of Content Campaigns and Blog Campaigns.

These two promotional campaigns are like twin engines. Most people focus on one or the other. But if you want your blog to grow REALLY fast, you need both campaigns firing on all cylinders.

Because the truth is this:

You can have the best content in the world. But unless you strategically promote that content, it’s going to fall flat.
(BTW, if you’ve ever wondered: “My content is really good! Why is no one reading it?!”, content promotion is usually the missing ingredient).

For example, take a look at the Google Analytics data from the early days of Backlinko.

See those spikes? Those traffic spikes didn’t come from publishing something new. They came from promoting the content that I already had on my site.

Many of those spikes came from strategic Content Campaigns. Which helped me get some early traction.

That’s when I decided to add Blog Campaigns to the mix.

And when I combined Content Campaigns with Blog Campaigns my blog’s growth took off like a rocketship.

Step #3: Turn Your Blog Into a System

To grow your blog in record time, you need to use new Blog Post Templates that are working right now. And you need to promote your content using advanced promotional strategies.

But the real secret to growing your blog in record time is to turn your blog into a system.

A system for finding topics. A system for writing blog content. A system for content promotion. And a system for turning all of your newfound traffic into email subscribers and customers.

To be honest with you, this is a step I struggled with until recently.

By nature I’m a hands-on type of person. I like to be involved with every single step of a project.
(Someone less kind might call me a “control freak”, LOL).

Well, about a year ago I realized that I needed to take the system that was in my head… and put it all on paper. So I spent the next few weeks documenting how we write blog posts, promote our content, collect emails and more.

In the end, we created a system that was so detailed and so simple that anyone could use it.

Thanks to this detailed system, we can create MORE content and BETTER content than ever before. It also made launching products and building our email list an absolute cinch.

In fact, I can thank this step-by-step system for helping our traffic grow by leaps and bounds over the last year.

The big lesson I got from this experience was that a system makes growing a blog MUCH easier.

With a system, you don’t have to figure anything out. You don’t have to worry about what works and what doesn’t. You just have to follow directions and do the work.
And that’s why you need a proven system you can follow.

This is how a growing a blog SHOULD work

Join Grow Your Blog Fast today. Give me 6 weeks, and I’ll show you how to drive targeted traffic to your blog, convert that traffic into email subscribers, and sell products to your new audience.

In other words: I’m going to give you the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, templates, and benchmarks we use to drive targeted traffic on-demand.

So whether your blog is brand new… or you want to accelerate the growth of your existing blog, I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

I’ve quietly developed and tested these strategies ever since I launched my first successful blog back in 2012, back when I ran a personal finance blog, and refined them over the past 7 years.

How Grow Your Blog Fast Works

Grow Your Blog Fast walks you through my step-by-step system for growing a blog in record time.

Grow Your Blog Fast By Brian Dean

Each week you’ll get video lessons, accompanied by worksheets, audio transcripts, and other step-by-step instructions that show you exactly what to do to get more traffic, leads and sales from your blog.

No fluff, filler or BS — just the simple, proven steps and systems we’ve used to generate 8.6 million visitors (and millions of dollars in revenue).

To create the material in Grow Your Blog Fast, I broke down every single step my team and I use for finding topics, outlining blog posts, writing, editing, graphic design, list building, newsletter emails, course launches, and more. We also analyzed the dozens of promotional campaigns that we’ve run over the last 6 years.

And finally, we pulled together what worked, and distilled it all into a repeatable, step-by-step blueprint.

Let me walk you through everything you’ll learn inside the core Grow Your Blog Fast training…

How to Jumpstart Your Blog’s Growth

My #1 strategy to jumpstart a new — or existing — blog’s growth (this is the same process I used to help a brand new blog get 17,584 visitors from their first post)

In a crowded, competitive space? How “The Focus Formula” helps you and your blog stand out from the pack

Why every blog that wants to grow needs to focus on RLLs. In fact, RLLs helped me boost my traffic by 167.6% in 14 days

A list of advanced copywriting strategies designed specifically for blogs (you won’t find these anywhere else)

The easy way to get 2x more social shares on every post

The exact process I use to find untapped blog post topics that my competition doesn’t know about yet

How to quickly establish yourself as a go-to expert in your industry

The fast way to outline and write blog posts that get results (no more staring at a blank Google Doc)

Publish Amazing Blog Content

Why the “How I Did It Post” turns the traditional case study on its head (and works 10x better)

The 6 remarkable Blog Post Templates that I use to drive targeted traffic on demand

How I get an average of 257 comments on every post that I publish

The #1 most important thing to include in every post (getting this right will instantly bump up your traffic)

How to create “Custom Posts” that make people say “Wow, this post looks amazing!”

Advanced: how to create content that bloggers and journalists in your industry WANT to link to

Our Content Creation Checklist for making sure every post is complete and compelling

The 2 types of content intros that kick off 90% of my posts, newsletters and more

Why most “ultimate guides” flop — and the advanced steps I take to make sure ours hit home

Advanced Promotional Strategies

How do you promote your content… without being a pushy jerkface? A new strategy that I call “The Anti-Share”

How to get in touch with bloggers that are “out of your league” – and how to convince them to feature you on their blog or podcast

Detailed outreach teardowns of my all-time favorite (and least favorite) outreach emails

Advanced: A list of 4 new promotional strategies that are working great right now

The truth about guest posting on blogs – and why “10x Guest Posting” works, (you guessed it) 10x better

How to promote your content on social media the right way with NCS Posts

Why “Blog Campaigns” are the little-known secret behind most blogs that seem to “come out of nowhere”

How to use a strategy called “The Content Multiplier” to drive “on demand” traffic to your blog

Build Your Email List In Record Time

Why Content Upgrades don’t work as well as they used to… and the NEW strategy that’s crushing it right now

Exactly where to put opt-in forms on your blog (these are lessons we’ve learned from hundreds of A/B tests)

The simple way to create a lead magnet that your readers will WANT to get their hands on

The #1 strategy that’s helped us grow our list to 145,699 total email subscribers

Advanced tips on optimizing your blog’s homepage for conversions

The 4 strategies we focus on to grow our list by X subscribers every month

Why testing button colors is a waste of time… and what to do instead

Advanced: How to use “Padlock Posts” to grow your email list in record time (no one is using this powerful strategy right now!)

How to Launch Products To Your Blog’s Audience

How “The ISL” helped us hit our first 6 figure launch. And how we used this same exact approach to scale up to 7 figures

Forget webinars, funnels, segmenting and other complicated nonsense. I’ll show you what’s really working in the world of product launches right now

Teardown: I give you the exact sequence we used on a launch that did nearly 7-figures in revenue

The 4 questions you need to ask to know if you’re ready to launch your product

How to write high-converting emails that don’t sound “salesy” (including the exact templates we use on every launch)

My personal Launch Checklist for making sure every launch goes smoothly (and most importantly, converts)

That’s just a small sample of the frameworks, strategies, templates, swipe files and teardowns that’s inside of the Grow Your Blog Fast program.

I’ve packed the course with insanely actionable tactics that you can use to shortcut your blog’s growth.

Grow Your Blog Fast By Brian Dean, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)