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Glen Ledwell and Ridgely Goldsborough – JV Hacking Blueprint

Nail Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Get Insider Tactics For Skyrocketing Your Business and Brand Through Wildly Profitable Promotions And Joint Ventures

What You Get:

  • Module 1 – Communication Techniques
  • Module 2 – Critical Strategies
  • Module 3 – The Next Level
  • Module 4 – The Master Launch Calendar
  • Mastermind Meeting Archive
  • Seductive telephone strategies for converting potential JV partners into hardcore supporters of your launch or promo – even if you’re not much of a talker
  • What NOT to do when meeting existing and potential JV partners in person (this kills your rapport with them, so why are so many entrepreneurs still doing it???)
  • Looking to partner with the most successful entrepreneurs in your niche? Here’s the FIRST thing all of them look for in a JV partner (it’s NOT your product!)
  • The ultimate guide to optimizing your JV launch or promo through effective split testing: skyrocket your leads and revenue with these essential do’s and don’ts
  • Watches, pens, vacations & Jelly Bellies: how to choose irresistible JV incentives that get your partners mailing for you over, and over, and over
  • And a TON more proven strategies and insights for blowing up your business with the power of JVs