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Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton – Instant Download!

This Simple 4-Step Program Has Helped Over 3,127 Folks Move Their Lives from Public to Private and Discharged Over $12.6 Million In Combined Debt…
…and you get all the battle tested fill-in-the-blank TEMPLATES!

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

When it comes to moving your life from the Public to the Private…

Have you ever wondered why the gurus only give you bits and pieces of the information?

Have you ever wondered why they don’t just provide everything you need so you can become a Secured Party Creditor?

Have you ever wondered why they don’t provide you with ALL the necessary resources so that you can disharged debt and be free the public “matrix”?

You’re not alone!

I wondered the same thing, too!

And I made a vow to myself that if I ever learned the secrets to moving my life from the Public to the Private…

And if I ever learned how to remove and discharge debt…

I promised myself that I would NOT hold back any information.

I promised that I would tell EVERYONE who wants to know, the EXACT STEPS to move their live from the Public to the Private…

To become a Secured Party Creditor…

To Remove and Discharge Debt…

And tell them EVERYTHING ELSE they need in order to be free!

So if that’s you…

If that’s how you feel…

Then WELCOME! You’re in the right place!

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

Here’s Where It Started…

It all started on April 22, 2014 after my grandmother passed away and immediately I began receiving calls and letters from a company called Reverse Mortgage Solutions.

The were demanding payment in full for the reverse mortgage my grandmother had taken out on her home and I didn’t have the cash to pay.

Searching frantically online for some kind of help, I stumbled upon information about how I could become a Secured Party Creditor and begin to discharge the debt in full with my signature and few simple documents.

This information was AMAZING!

Why hadn’t I heard of it before?

I was SOOO excited – I was telling all my family and friends about this whole new world of being a Secured Party Creditor!

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

Family & Friends Thought I Was Crazy

Many of them said I was CRAZY for believing these things.

But I didn’t care what they thought and despite their objections…

I jumped on it right away and did exactly as I had learned from the Secured Party (SPC) gurus I found online.

Sadly, none of what they said worked right away. But I still had time before Reverse Mortgage Solutions started foreclosure proceedings.

So, I studied more and found more pieces to the SPC debt removal process puzzle. I immediately implemented what I learned and sadely, that didn’t work either.

This process of failing, learning more, and trying again went on for over a year.

Finally, Reverse Mortgage Solutions foreclosed on the the property and I was tossed out on the streets. I lost everything including my marriage. Ultimately, I ended up living in a bedroom provided by a local slumlord. At the time that is all I could afford.

It was winter in Wisconsin where tempetures drop below zero and many nights I froze in that one bedroom until I bought a little space heater from Walmart.

I was feeling Defeated, Powerless, Drained.

At times, I felt embarassed that I had believed the Secured Party Creditor processes could ever work for me.

But I Knew This Was Real

Even though all the things I learned about being a Secured Party Creditor failed me, I still knew there was something about it that was real.

And I said to myself…

“I know this stuff is real and if I can ever get it to work, I am going to help others so they won’t stuggle and lose like I’ve struggled and lost.”

So I continued studying and studying – everything I could get my hands on. I downloaded and read eBooks. I visited government websites.

I watched YouTube videos. I purchased programs. You name it, I did it!

I kept trying and I kept failing.

Until one day I discovered the the BIG turn-around!

The Big Turn Around

One day while I was feeling particular frustrated that none of the processes I learned was working…

So I decided to STOP getting more information.

I stopped readed everybody’s eBooks. I stopped watching everybody’s YouTube videos.

I stopped listening to the advice of folks in SPC Facebook groups.

The BIG turn-around happed when – instead of trying to learn more…

Instead of trying to read more eBooks, or watch another video, or get more information…


I started REMOVING things.

I removed processes that DIDN’T work.

I removed debt removal letters that DIDN’T work.

I completely stopped writing to the government for validations and authentications.

And suddenly… I began to get RESULTS!

I began to remove debt.

I corrected my status.

I completed my UCC-1

I became a Secured Party Creditor.

I was on a roll!

I Started Testing My Success

So, to ensure my results were not a fluke or luck…

I began to test my processes on others who were struggling – and they began to win!

I helped them to easily remove debt.

I helped them easily get court cases dismissed.

I helped them get credit reports cleaned.

It was blowing me away how simple it was!

But what was really wild is…

I noticed I was only using FOUR processes over and over again to get resuls!

I noticed I was writing the same letters over and over again to help my clients win!

I was winning and my clients were winning with just FOUR simple processes.

Creating a Live Life claim

Correcting their citizenship status

Completing their UCC-1 application correctly

Using the Administrative Process to remove debt.

And I used pretty much the same letters over and over to win…

Those letters became the fill-in-the-blank TEMPLATES I still use today for my clients.

That’s when it hit me! It’s like everything came together for me. It’s like a lightbulb came on over my head. I finally understood that while there are TONS of websites, Facebook groups, and YouTube channels that talk endlessly about living in the Private…

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

There are FOUR things that work EVERYTIME!

1) Creating a Live Life claim

2) Correcting the citizenship status

3) Completing the UCC-1 application correctly

4) Using the Administrative Process to remove debt.

Plus using simple TEMPLATES.

Using these four simple things, me and my clients have moved from feeling FRUSTRATED to feeling FREEDOM!

Now Is The Time

Using my simple four steps, I have helped over 3,127 folks move their lives from the Public to the Private, and Discharged over $12.6 Million in Combined Debt.

And now you can too!

I have something for you…

And I’ve put it all together into a NEW program called…

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton


With this simple FOUR-STEP program you’ll learn:

* How to FIND YOUR CUSIP number so that you can know the exact amount of money that is sitting in your strawman account waiting for you to use it.

* How to Create a Promissory Note so that you can send it to lenders and debt collectors and remove ANY debt (Mortgage, Student Loans, Credit Card, Taxes, and MORE!)

* How to Correct your Citizenship Status so that you are no longer under the jurisdiction of Washington, DC.

* How to Quickly move your life from the Public to the Private so that you can become a Secured Party Creditor in 14 days or less!

What Others Are Saying About Working With Brad!

Brad, you have been a better advocate for me than anyone in the legal profession and I appreciate it. Much appreciation!

Kevin S.

Hi Brad,
I want you to know it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I appreciate all you have shared and assisted me with on this. Many Thanks! ?

Daniel P.

“Hi Brad. Results. THANK YOU for helping me get ACTUAL RESULTS. With your program I have been able to get a debt reduced by 80% settled and deleted, a settlement check to myself for $500, and another debt removed from my credit report before the court date! Your process is precise, fine-tuned, and simple.”

Many thanks,

Sean M.

Brad, this is D. Scott giving you feedback regarding your program. Yes your program provided what you promised. You are definitely responsive to my questions. You certainly seem to be available to provide assistance. You certainly seem to know the information you’re sharing with me and seem to be honest enough to say you don’t know something when you don’t know.

D. Scott

Brad, you have been a better advocate for me than anyone in the legal profession and I appreciate it. Much appreciation!

Kevin S.

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

Here’s What You’ll Discover

    Learn to use use the passport process to correct your citizenship status, so that you can get added to the “Do Not Detain/Do Not Arrest” list…Be free from foreclosure, repossession, more!
    Learn how to correctly complete your UCC-1 so that you can establish yourself worldwide as a Secured Party by Correctly completing your UCC1 in about 20 minutes and get it accepted by your local Secretary of State.
    Learn how to correctly complete your Live Life claim and file it globally so that the entire world sees you as a living man or woman and no longer a dead strawman, estate, or trust.
    Learn the simple step-by-step process to find your CUSIP, so that you can use it to create a Promissory Note, and then utilize the Administrative Process to remove ANY debt including (Mortgage, Car Note, Child Support, Credit Card, Student Loan, others).
  • And a whole ton more!

Here’s Everything You Get…

The 4 Core Training Videos

Simple step-by-step video trainings that show you “How To Correct Your Citizenship Status” + “How To Properly Complete Your UCC-1 Application” + “How To Create Your Live Life Claim” + “How To Remove ANY Debt”

My “How To Find Your CUSIP” Checklist

Download my quick guide that shows you the simple steps to access the Fidelity website and locate your CUSIP number!

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton

Frustration to Freedom By Brad Tipton, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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