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Was this the year you promised yourself that you would be more social, create new friendships, and finally have a social life?

Do you want to find that someone special?

Do you want to meet people to date, but do not want to date online, or hang out in bars and clubs?

Would you like to know how to divide your social circles so business and pleasure don’t mix?

Would you just like to know the basics on how to handle social situations and manage them so that you do not have to deal with conflicts?

Would you like to be the center of attention and learn how to be the life of the party?

Do you want to discover how to make new friends, and get them to help you find new lovers for secret sex in a way that will not ruin your social circles?

If you answers YES to any of the questions above, we have the KEY to solve all your problems with this:


A Guide To Social Circles For Awkwardly Social Beginners

What’s This AUDIO SET About?

This audio set is a guide for beginners on how to be social, and how to set up social circles to create an amazing social life for yourself. It will teach you to form new contacts and how to expand on the number of contacts already in your networks.

There are lessons on how you can manage each social circle, when to mix them, when not to mix them, and how to proceed if you want to have a romantic relationship with someone in each social circle.

You’ll get ALL of the following information in this 3 MP3s (APPROX. 3 HOURS) digital Audio Set:

  • Questions from the LIVE audience that Frank answers on the spot
  • Defining exactly what a social circle is and how to set them up to help you increase both your social life and your dating life
  • What the POINT MAN (aka POINT PERSON) System is and how to adopt this mindset to make social circles work for you
  • A personal story from Frank about one of the challenges he faced when one of the first social circle outings was taking a turn for the worse (because someone was getting offended by bad humor) and how he got it back on track so you can use exactly the same strategy
  • Learn The 3 Stages of creating your own social circle networks, how each stage is set to meet different needs, and when you can shift from one stage to another depending on your personal social goals
  • How to set boundaries to prevent yourself from being taken for granted and used as a Social Slave (just like how Charlie Brown was abused at Thanksgiving in the cartoon). Avoid being Charlie Brown
  • How to balance having Fun vs. the Work of managing social circles and how to know when to quit
  • Spot the differences between Attention vs Attraction to make sure it is worth it for you to organize an outing
  • How to properly Integrate yourself into an existing Social Circle to make sure everyone welcomes you
  • How to show Respect without making yourself a doormat
  • How to use charisma to make people feel respected even if you do not like them, so they respect you back
  • Learning when it is, and is not welcomed, to tap upon someone’s personal boundaries including a personal story of boundaries on a date and how he got what he wanted without crossing boundaries
  • More information on respecting boundaries during stage 1, to make sure that you always come across with social awareness
  • The Rule of the Replaceable and how this rule will stop you from getting desperate or needy for any one particular person or social group including a personal story from Frank
  • 2 steps to starting STAGE ONE and how to handle Random Invitations, Choosing Your Venues, New Invitations, Avoiding Neediness, When Too Many Show Up, Who Gets More of Your Time, Introductions at Singles Parties, What to do with Limit Capacity Venues, Manage the Risks of Being a Point Person, Facing No Shows, Hiding Disappointment and How Long to Remain in Stage One
  • The number one Rule for STAGE TWO and how this rule will make or break your efforts to build social circles. This includes how to handle two invites on the same night,
  • What to do if someone is offended if you have to leave an event early
  • What to do if you just want to date someone and not include them in social circle building?
  • In STAGE TWO, learn when you should bring a date, and when you should go alone
  • How to set up a Singles Party during STAGE TWO and the rules to set to make sure everyone has an awesome time
  • Learn the importance of screening people for STAGE TWO and weeding out people that you would rather not see again and what to keep in mind to ensure this happens effectively
  • What you should do if the person you want to date in the social circle wants to set up up on a date with someone else
  • How to handle sex when it happens during a social circle context and how to stay calm if there was any misunderstandings about commitment
  • How to preserve the contacts you already have and balance those with the new contacts that you are meeting so that everyone gets a social outing with you
  • The secret to forming new close friendships when you integrate in existing social circles
  • How to manage your Social Circles so you can date Multiple people at the same time, without risking losing the social circle
  • The Rules for Dating in a Social Circle including how to keep your sexual relationships private
  • How to Demonstrate your Interest in someone in your social circle, and what NOT to do, to ensure that your social circle does not fall apart
  • What you need to do if two different lovers from your social circles start talking about you, or when one of your lovers meets another one of your lovers at the same time
  • What changes you have to make when you have a Boy/Girlfriend in your Social Circle and how it changes how you go out with your social circle including how and when to introduce them to the social circle
  • How to know you are ready and settled to enter STAGE THREE of building social networks and forming your strongest connections with people. This includes what activities you can stop doing if you are no longer interested in recruiting more social circles
  • How to be aware and manage the costs of managing social circles
  • How to handle people with higher status than you trying to ruin your social circles
  • 3 steps to having SEX at a social circle event including personal stories to help you understand how to make it happen
  • ​The biggest mistake guys make when setting up a new social circle and how to avoid it
  • The do’s and don’ts on talking with someone who was not at an event that you went to.
  • Things to consider when Scouting Out Your Locations
  • The House Party Rules to keep in mind
  • The Rules for Combining Social Circles
  • How to budget your time balancing social circles as well as your sexual relationships within those social circles
  • The Best Way To Contact People for social circle building
  • Different Ways of Getting Into Good (VIP) Locations
  • Conflict Resolution and how to quickly assess if it is a Personality Conflict vs Low Quality Person
  • Learn When To Cut a Person Out and what do to if they Keep Coming Back
  • How to balance new people coming into social circles and old close friends
  • Social circles and dealing with your ex and the ex’s of others

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*P.S. Many coaches use the term “For Entertainment Purposes Only” to write and say whatever they want without any legal repercussions. Even reviews of their own products and services! Frank Kermit does not hide behind entertainment purposes. The advice in this book is 100% AUTHENTIC.

P.S.S. Frank writes his own material and does not hire any “ghostwriters” to do his work, unlike other coaches out there. Frank is no marketer by any stretch of the imagination! But this also means his material is 100% honest material.

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