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Film Editing Pro – SECRETS OF CREATIVE EDITING | Instant Download !


Salepage: Film Editing Pro – SECRETS OF CREATIVE EDITING

What’s Inside the Course?

36 Editing Tutorials in 1080p HD Video
Over 2 hours of lessons teaching you core editing skills

In-Depth Editing Deconstructions
Follow along as we edit different scenes step-by-step
Downloadable Practice Footage & Audio
Put your your new skills to the test in a hands-on editing workshop
Some other topics in the course include…
Four important jobs that every creative editor will need to fill
How to build conversational structure in a scene
A step-by-step method for setting up the perfect timeline
Layering sound design, foley and music to create an invisible narrative
How to use off-screen sound to tell rich and compelling stories
5 essential dialogue editing skills every editor should know
Tips for editing and shaping actor performances
And a lot more!