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Ethan Puzarne – Teach Yourself A Language Course 2023

Struggling with language learning?
It’s not your fault!

Nearly everything you’ve been taught about language learning is wrong.

Does this sound familiar?

You wish you could speak fluently and comfortably, but…

  • You feel anxious every time you have the opportunity to speak
  • You sound like a caveman every time you open your mouth.
  • Translating in your head is slow and exhausting.
  • You try making friends with natives, but you can’t understand anything they say.

Nothing seems to help you reach fluency

  • You’ve tried all the big-name apps.
  • You’ve tried working through dense textbooks full of tedious grammar exercises.
  • You may have even tried expensive university courses or in-country immersion programs!

You’ve spent lots of time and money, but you’re no closer to your goals.

I’ve struggled too!

Hey there! My name is Ethan, and I failed at learning Japanese and Spanish for 15 years. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I have ZERO natural talent for learning languages.

I took 6 years of Japanese in school, and I left knowing basically nothing. After my utter failure with Japanese, I decided to switch to an easier language: Spanish!

I tried dabbling with apps like Duolingo, Pimsleur, and a few podcasts but that got me nowhere.

I decided I needed to take Spanish more seriously, so I buckled down, put all my other hobbies on hold, and made learning Spanish my entire life.

6 months later, every person I talked to was shocked that I had made such rapid progress. But how did I feel?

I felt completely depressed

When I started that 6-month journey, I discovered a style of learning called “language hacking,” which says that by memorizing grammar rules and prioritizing the most relevant phrases and words, you can start having conversations immediately.

I LOVED this! It felt so logical and organized and it produced immediate results.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way I had hoped.

After 6 months of effort, I wasn’t even close to the level I wanted to be. Fluency felt further away than ever.

I hit a wall

My speech was formulaic and repetitive. I used the same words over and over again.

I couldn’t understand native speakers. They had to slow down and simplify their speech for me.

I could have a basic conversation, but couldn’t talk about anything complex.

I couldn’t understand how this approach would EVER lead me to my real goal of fluency.

In a last-ditch effort, I packed up all my belongings and moved to South America.

I lived with a host family, studied in school for 5 hours every day, and spoke to as many people as I could. Yet, I continued to struggle.

My shocking discovery about language learning

One fateful day, while speaking to my teacher, I had a revelation.

My teacher was explaining how reflexive verbs sometimes change their meaning.

I asked him for a pattern or a rule to understand WHEN the meaning changes. After all, language is logical, right?

Wrong. There are no rules, and my teacher couldn’t help me.

Languages are not logical, they are messy and chaotic, just like everything else created by humans. We create grammar explanations to help make sense of this chaos, but they aren’t “rules.”

Suddenly, I understood why this approach would never get me to fluency.

The TRUTH about reaching fluency

Memorizing grammar rules doesn’t help you learn all the patterns and exceptions that exist in languages.

Memorizing words doesn’t help you when they can have dozens of different meanings that change based on context.

Even if it were possible to remember all of them, how would you keep all of them in your head while trying to speak? That’s not how the human brain works! It’s no wonder you’ve been struggling to reach fluency.

A new approach

You cannot speak a language naturally if you don’t know how the language is actually used.

Imagine that the language is a song that you’ve never heard before and now you’re trying to learn how to sing that song. What would your first step be?

Would you study music theory or learn how to read music? Would you memorize the lyrics?


You’d listen to the song a few dozen times until it got stuck in your head. You need to know the song so well that you can mimic the melody, the lyrics, and the structure.

Language learning is exactly the same.

You need to hear the words and phrases thousands of times so that they get stuck in your head.

You need to build an INSTINCT for what the language is supposed to sound like, just like a song.

The results speak for themselves

Now that I’ve built an instinct for Spanish:

  • I can speak fluently and confidently without the need to translate in my head
  • I can understand people, TV shows, and books easily and instantaneously.
  • I feel like I belong in the language and culture — I can speak from the heart, instead of my head.

Refold has helped thousands of learners build an instinct

Since I launched Refold in 2020, we’ve worked tirelessly to answer this one question: How do we create an instinct for a second language that’s just as strong as the instinct we have for our native language?

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of learners to understand exactly where learners struggle and developed solutions to help learners overcome those struggles.

The transformation I’ve seen in our students has been remarkable.

Introducing Refold’s Teach Yourself A Language courseTired of traditional language-learning methods that just don’t work?

Our 30-day course, based on insights from over 40,000 learners, focuses on teaching you how to build an instinct for your language, just like the instinct you have for your native language.

Stop wasting time and energy on outdated, ineffective methods. Join the hundreds of happy students who have escaped the traditional language-learning trap and started making real progress toward fluency.

Our groundbreaking new course contains:

30 days of video lessons

carefully designed to teach you how to build a language instinct and reach real fluency in as fast as possible

Step-by-step structured assignments

to sharpen the skills and habits you need to establish a truly effective learning routine

Extensive tool and media resource database

put together by our coaches to ensure you spend your time learning, rather than hunting down the best resources.

Dedicated support

from our experienced language coaches who will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the course to ensure you never get stuck again.

A community of like-minded learners

to motivate you throughout your language journey and help you reach your goals.

Inside look at our course curriculum!

WEEK 1 Instinct-building Foundations
  • The only way that humans learn languages. (If you don’t use this in your learning, you’ll never achieve fluency)
  • The motivation myth: why is it so dangerous to your chances for success?
  • The easy way to learn thousands of words FAST

WEEK 2 Reading and Listening
  • How to hear new sounds and unlock your listening ability
  • The easy way to develop solid reading and listening comprehension
  • The simple method to learn complex writing systems like Hanzi and Kanji effortlessly

WEEK 3 Tools and Techniques
  • How to design the optimal balance of language-learning activities to reach your goals quickly and become a well-rounded learner
  • The best reading technique to skyrocket your learning speed
  • The difference between conscious and subconscious learning (and why we need to prioritize one of these to reach fluency)

WEEK 4 Personal Learning Systems
  • Better than time travel: why time-tracking is one of the most powerful tools in your language-learning tool kit.
  • How to design healthy goals that help you achieve real results
  • The simple formula to building a daily learning routine that ensures long-term success

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