Emotional Intelligence Masterclass By Positive Psychology – Instant Download!

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass By Positive Psychology

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass©

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is a complete, 6-module emotional intelligence training template for helping professionals. Besides the masterclass for you, the practitioner, it also includes all the materials you need to deliver high-quality EQ training sessions that are science-based.

If you are passionate about helping others improve their lives in meaningful ways, this masterclass is for you. Because not only will you master the 6 most important pillars of emotional intelligence, but you’ll also learn to explain and implement them.

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass By Positive Psychology, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1-1 Introducing Positive Psychology.mp4
  • 1-2 Introducing Positive Psychology.mp4
  • 1-3 Second Wave Positive Psychology.mp4
  • 1-4 Second Wave Positive Psychology TTT.mp4
  • 1-5 The Sailboat Metaphor..mp4
  • 1-6 The Sailboat Metaphor.mp4
  • 2-01 Introducing Emotions.mp4
  • 2-02 Introducing Emotions TTT.mp4
  • 2-3 Broaden and Build Theory.mp4
  • 2-04 Broaden and Build Theory – PositivePsychology TTT.mp4
  • 2-05 Downward Spirals.mp4
  • 2-06 Downward Spirals.mp4
  • 2-07 Upward Spirals.mp4
  • 2-08 Upward Spirals TTT.mp4
  • 2-09 Identifying Emotions.mp4
  • 2-10 Indentifying Emotions.mp4
  • And more…