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Ben Settle – Email Players List Swell – Instant Download!

Email Players List Swell by Ben Settle
Email Players List Swell by Ben Settle

“If you know what you’re doing, trolls attacking your business and brand are money in the bank,” says this 7-figure business owner who routinely turns trolls into his “unpaid interns.”

“I’ve gotten new business from being trolled by everyone from a celebrity rapper shrieking ‘white supremacist!’ at me on Twitter… to a fire-breathing feminist hellbent on smearing my business on Facebook… to a jealous copywriter flaming my product on YouTube… to dozens of other anonymous trolls flinging insults by email, social media, and even in 1-star reviews. I believe my new book can get you lots of new business from your trolls & haters, too — and even on the same day you read it, if you want…”

Dear Friend,

If you want to turn spiteful troll comments, lies about you, bogus reviews about your products, and even outright slander into new sales for your business, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

A while back I published a book called…

Copy Troll

And what this book does is, it shows you a simple way for getting new business and sales practically “at will” — whenever some basement-dwelling troll attacks you, hates on you, or even so much as leaves a negative review or social media comment about you.

However, this book’s admittedly pricey.

And, there are no refunds or guarantees.

So to help you decide if you want it before investing the considerable money it costs, here are some of the secrets inside:

  • A bizarre (yet ingenious) way to use a plain text email to (1) make almost anyone trolling you look like a buffoon (2) potentially get a windfall of new business and (3) create a stronger company brand at the same time.(Believe it or not, I first learned this in a community college art class — and it’s been one of the single most profitable things I’ve ever done when getting trolled in business. Frankly, If I only had ONE way to respond to trolls, this would be it. Pages 53 & 101.)
  • The secret psychology behind how two of my customers and I flipped being called “white supremacists” by a famous celebrity rapper on Twitter into a horde of new customers, clients, and sales for our businesses!(For example: One of my customers turned it into an all-expenses paid vacation for his family… my woman used it to land two new clients and add dozens of new leads to her email list… and I nabbed $30k in new business over the course of 5 days. See how we did it beginning on page 55.)
  • How to write emails that quickly “cancel out” baseless attacks, slanders, and accusations.(Some of the more miserable and self-loathing trolls out there have no problem using lies and deceit to ruin careers and lives for any reason or no reason at all. If this bunch ever attacks you, simply use what you learn on page 185 to both dismiss and potentially profit from them.)
  • How one of my customers “sucker punched” the media by turning getting trolled by Snopes (while also having death wished upon her and her kids by a horde of bat shit crazy environmental fanatics) into a tsunami of new sales and leads!(And also higher search engine rankings, too. Pages 77-78.)
  • The strange (and totally illogical & irrational) secret to getting paid top dollar even if your product or service is not the best.(This is what lets people like Kim Kardashian get paid almost a million dollars per social media post… certain “mom and pop” retail shops get paid thousands of dollars for ordinary items… and one of the world’s most popular copywriters get paid the highest fees even though he’s admittedly not the best. It can also potentially make using your trolls to help build your business as easy as falling off a log, too. Details on pages 41-44.)
  • How to “psychologically abuse” anyone who trolls you!(This sleepy little technique isn’t sexy, but it’s got teeth — and works by creating the same reaction in a troll’s brain as physical pain — but without leaving any “marks.” It sometimes can make you sales, too. Page 109.)
  • The startling reason why many outrageously successful celebrities hardly ever communicate on Facebook… and what sites they do spend their time on, instead. (If more business owners understood this, they’d probably shut their Facebook accounts down in a hot minute. See pages 153-156.)
  • A weird (but effective) way to “convert” even people who hate your guts into new business.(This worked thousands of years ago to convert people to new religions, and can sometimes work just as well to convert customers to new sales today. Pages 37-38.)
  • A 100% copyright-free email template perfect to use if you’re ever accused of being greedy just for trying to sell your business’s products and services.(You can use this email “as is”, adapt it, modify it, or do whatever you want with it — without giving me any credit, attribution, or compensation. Page 190.)
  • A sneaky way to potentially turn many fake reviews, 1-star reviews, or social media troll reviews into a steady stream of new business!

Let’s take a second to “unpack” this incredible tip.

If you follow my instructions on page 69, a negative review can potentially become your greatest selling asset — including reviews on sites like Amazon, iTunes, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and any other place people can rate your business, product, or service.


On pages 73-74 I also reveal a little-talked about way to edit your product descriptions on some of these sites to make even more sales from troll reviews, while also discrediting their opinions. Even better: continue reading to page 75 for yet another powerful tip (discovered by a savvy public speaker) that can sometimes…

Turn Those So-Called “Negatives”

Into White Hot Reasons

To Buy From Your Business!

Plus, it can work even if your business has no reputation, success history, or brand to speak of now.

Let’s keep moving:

  • An admittedly “unorthodox” method for turning a troll’s lies, attacks, slanders, and smears about your business into new sales!(Interesting fact: This concept is also used by all-star 3rd basemen to make “impossible” plays, world class martial artists to beat up stronger opponents, and cunning politicians to win millions of new votes. Page 39.)
  • 11 eye-opening case studies for turning everything from personal attacks & smears… to lies & insults… to threats & wishes of violence on you into new business and more influence! (In one case, someone even created a world-wide socio-political movement. These case studies begin on page 47.)
  • A surprisingly effective way to respond to a troll who randomly sends you an email full of negativity, anger, or hate.(Don’t waste time arguing back — instead, turn to page 65, model the email you see there, send to your list, and watch what happens…)
  • A 5-point game plan used by another one of my customers to “judo flip” getting attacked by a pack of angry feminists on Twitter (who doxed his girlfriend and threatened him multiple times) into a rush of new sales, a much bigger email list & social media following, and a far stronger brand.(Read his exact game plan — in his own words — on pages 79-83. You can also read the exact emails he used to help create all this new business starting on page 226.)
  • A “dead giveaway” for knowing what a troll’s private thoughts, feelings, and insecurities are. (Screenwriters routinely use this insight for character development in movie scripts, and it’s the next best thing to reading a troll’s mind — so you can respond in the best way to get more business. Bonus: Once you understand this, it’s hard to take any troll — no matter how nasty — seriously. You’ll probably even feel like you owe it to the poor bastards to profit off them. See why on pages 42 & 50)
  • How Donald Trump routinely converts troll attacks into more votes, more influence, and more revenue!(You don’t have to like him worth a damn to profit from this — but it’s one of the main reasons he got elected, and why his polling hasn’t tanked despite being relentlessly trolled by the news media, the Democrats, and even by his own party! Page 88.)
  • The clumsy thing every single troll does that makes them vulnerable and ripeto be profited from. (When they troll you, they expose this huge “chink” in their armor… and when you know how to exploit this weak-spot, you can often use it to get new business quickly, build new joint ventures, and profit from other new trolls who attack your business, too. See page 98.)
  • How to use a Facebook group to grow your list if a troll puts you “on blast” on YouTube. (I did this with one of my more amusing trolls, and it added more customers to my business, got me invited on podcasts, and created a tighter bond with my audience. And doing it by hardly even pitching anything. See pages 47-51.)
  • A 1997 Hollywood movie that can help men who sell to women make a lot more sales than they get now. (This doesn’t relate to trolls at all. But following its main character’s philosophy helped my emails and sales letters convert 40% of our list to buyers in a weight loss business. If you sell to women, this could possibly be the single most profitable piece of advice you ever read — at least, if you don’t knee-jerkily scoff at it and actually test doing it, instead. Page 325.)
  • A clever (and very sneaky) thing you can do to your nameto possibly turn mockery, insults, and slurs into a personal brand that attracts high quality fans, customers, and followers! (Turn to page 90 for a mini case study of how someone did this to help build a worldwide socio-political movement — and helped get himself featured on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham’s show, Alex Jones, and dozens of media outlets, while also adding thousands of twitter followers, earning more revenue to his business, and even making the giant corporation Starbucks take notice.)

And while we’re talking about it, consider this:

The above is just a small piece of one of the most powerful things you can ever do when being hassled by trolls in business. This is the “big secret” behind how certain “girl-repellant” men have been able to pick up beautiful women within minutes of meeting them… how certain cunning politicians easily bypass “gotchya” questions by the media… and how you can not only silence trolls, critics, and attackers…

But Use Their Negativity

For Your Business’s

Financial Gain!

It takes a lot of guts to do it, but I believe this could potentially do more to influence people to follow you, buy from you, and be loyal to you than anything else I’ve seen in almost 20 years in business. The details are on pages 96-98.

Here are a few more secrets inside this book:

  • How the Copy Troll method can help you “embezzle away” a troll’s audience so they buy from you, instead.(Example: I once used it to get several of a Facebook troll’s customers — and even some of her personal friends — to subscribe to my expensive “Email Players” newsletter. Pages 45-46.)
  • A5-point “laundry list” of ways to use mockery to sell to people using email! (Oddly enough, these 5 ways are based upon a powerful principle of persuasion I learned in a comparative religions class many years ago… and I have found it extremely effective for getting new business from trolls today. Page 161.)
  • The “take a bullet” secret for getting more business from anotherbusiness’s trolls! (A word of warning: When you see how much easy business you can get by exploiting trolls, you may be tempted to start picking fights with them. However, please realize this can backfire if you don’t know what you’re doing. Read pages 107-108 carefully before picking any troll fights!)
  • Spooky insights from one of the toughest street-fighters who ever lived about what to do when trolls physicallythreaten you or your family. (This advice can not only save you and your family’s lives, but can also potentially save you from being doxed, sued, or even imprisoned! See page 33.)
  • How one of history’s most notorious advertising men protected his big corporate clients from lying competitors, axe-grinding politicians, and fake news-spreading journalists.(Like, for example, Andrew Carnegie’s US Steel corporation — which was a giant target for the trolls of his time. This will be rather obvious to a lot of people — but if you’re not doing it, you’re basically castrating your business. Pages 14-15.)
  • A weird (but blatantly stupid) list-building tactic certain marketing gurus are teaching trolls to do these days.(If you get trolled out of the blue on YouTube, especially from a nobody you’ve never heard of, this is probably why. Simply follow my instructions on page 47 and you can profit from their efforts to troll you.)
  • Hands down the fastest, easiest, and most funway to get new business from being trolled I’ve ever used. (This can work so well, you may even be tempted to seek out and pick fights with trolls… especially since they can be worth so many extra easy sales for your business. Page 65.)
  • How some of America’s most influential politicians have manipulated their enemies into helping them win elections.(Most recently Trump did this, and so did Reagan and FDR. Many successful copywriters do, too. Pages 202-203.)
  • A crafty way to “de-power” your critics that was also routinely used by Johnny Carson to help get the highest ratings in his TV time slot year after year.(Doing this is like pulling the fangs out of a snake — rendering your critics harmless and making you a bad target. Page 183.)
  • And much, much (much!) more… including:

A 31-page “psycho analysis” about how a New York Times bestselling political author profits from his trolls (page 198)… A “down & dirty” (but completely ethical & legal) way to turn negative Yelp reviews into more business (page 84)… The official “Scammin’ Sam” email template you can use to profit from being called a scammer (page 100)… A little-talked about way to use your email signature to shut down a troll’s desire to attack you (page 140)… A “genius-level” way of writing emails (straight from a super high IQ MENSA video game designer) that automatically grows your influence and audience size the more you do it (page 178)… And even…

100+ Pages Of “Troll-Response”

Swipe File Emails!

Meaning this:

Copy Troll contains two swipe files of emails dealing with various types of trolls your business may be likely to encounter. One of the swipe files contains 30 emails I’ve used, and another has 11 emails my students have successfully used. There are also several other email examples “peppered” throughout the book. All together, they add up to over 100 pages of email copy to model, adapt, and use as “guides” when writing your own emails to profit from trolls.

Bottom line:

If you know how to respond to them, these trolls can become your personal sales assistants — generously working hard for you for free, helping you build your lifestyle, and putting new sales in your business’s bank account. Do it right and your trolls can help send you on 5-star vacations (like my customer Tom Woods). Help build your client & customer base (like what happened with my woman). And help create loyal fans eager to support you (like my other customer Kyle Trouble). That’s why I say when some self-loathing troll badmouths your business on social media, he might as well be stuffing cash in your pocket. When some wretched, self-projecting hypocrite accuses you of being a scammer/racist/sexist/Nazi, he might as well write you a big check and ask you where to send it. And, when some anonymous reviewer declares how terrible your product is or what a horrible business you have…

The Envious Little Troll

Might As Well Include A PayPal Donation

To Your Business While He’s At It!

That’s also why in the book, I teach never to hate on trolls.

Never to argue with them, either.

And, certainly never to slander them, get nasty with them, or get into any mindless mud-slinging debates with them.

No, as you’ll see, what I teach is to get on your knees…

And Be Grateful

For Them Trolling You!

After all, they could be about to hand your business free money.

Possibly, even a lot of free money.

All right, here’s the deal:

“Copy Troll” is a 336-page physical book (there is no video, audio, pdf, or digital component) that costs $433.00, with free shipping worldwide.

However, there are no refunds and all sales are final.

If that doesn’t work for you it’s perfectly okay.

This book is only intended for a small part of my list, anyway.

But if you do buy it, then here’s your first assignment:

First, immediately read it the same day it arrives (don’t worry, it’s a fast read). Then, if anyone has ever trolled you, ever sent you a nasty email or social media comment, ever left you a bad review, or has ever so much has said a single negative thing about your business anywhere, at any time, and for any reason…

Rub It In Their Troll Faces

By Using The Book To Make New Sales

That Very Same Night!

In other words:

I want this information to pay your business back many times what you paid for it as fast as humanly possible. And then, continue to make your business many more sales when you get trolled in the future.

That way, it’s like this book doesn’t “cost” your business money.

If anything, it’s like giving money to your business.