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Email Copywriting That Sounds Like You By John Holt – Instant Download!

“Wet behind the ears” copywriter has the cajones to make the lamest claim in marketing…

Give me 15 days and I’ll show you an “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy” way to write an email that sounds like YOU wrote it!

The “day-by-day” email marketing course that gives business owners a super-simple approach to writing emails that make your subscribers feel like THIS…

This step-by-step “non-copywriting” approach to email writing:

✔️ ELIMINATES the problem of facing the blank page and being mocked by the flashing cursor of doom.

✔️ SOLVES your content problems once and for all by showing you an easy way to generate a near endless amount of content ideas.

✔️ ATTRACTS dream clients while REPELLING the nightmare ones – automatically.

✔️ TURBOCHARGES your writing speed, so you’re writing emails faster than ever.

✔️ PROVES you don’t need to be a copywriter to write emails your audience loves to read.

✔️ ENDS the constant “what will THEY think?” worry you experience every time you click “send”.

✔️ GIVES you an easy technique for linking and transitioning between sections of your email.

✔️ SHOWS you how to ask for money… WITHOUT feeling like a hard-selling, sleazy slimeball.

✔️ EFFORTLESSLY guides you to write emails that are unmistakably “YOU” – without restrictive, cookie-cutter templates

“Having just completed John’s new flagship program – SENT – I can hand on heart say this is one of the best business decisions I have made in recent years.”

How I went from doing magic tricks to writing as some of the biggest names in marketing… in less than a year!


I bloody hate stories in sales pages, but it needs to be done…

It’s not that mine would make for a killer “front-cover-of-Entrepreneur-magazine” story or anything. In fact, I might as well level with you now…

I haven’t earned gazillions as a copywriter… I don’t own a Ferrari and I don’t have a photo of me standing next to Russell Brunson on my bedside table…

But my story is a decent hook for this page…

(Also… I promise to make it quick)

In March 2020, I was a magician performing at weddings and corporate events. This might sound like a glamorous life. It’s not. It basically means I get to do card tricks for drunk people.

Even so, I was kinda happy.

Then, “Captain Covidious” came…

In one second, every single one of my gigs vanished.

In the next second, I wet myself, wondering what the hell I was going to do.

After spending the next few days a crying, weeping mess… I had an idea. I’d been studying copywriting for a few years and always wondered if now would be a good time to see if I could make it work.

Long story short – in less than ONE year, not only am I working as a full-time copywriter…

I’ve been paid to write emails for three of the biggest names in marketing – Chris Orzechowski, The No Pants Project, and Jeff Walker (where I’m still a copywriter).

Think about that for a second… some of the biggest names in marketing – chose to pay ME money to write emails for them…

Crazy, right?

So… how does a man with ZERO connections, ZERO experience, and ZERO clients go from doing magic tricks…

To TRIPLING his income and signing a one-year retainer to write emails for one of the biggest entrepreneurs on the planet… in less than a year?

Easy… I wrote an email…

“Holy shitballs! What was in the email?”

It doesn’t matter what was in the email…

“Goddamit! I KNEW you were gonna say that!”

What matters is that I clearly didn’t need to spend 10,000 hours locked in a monestary, mastering the skills needed to be able to write it.

(Heck – I didn’t even have to learn how to spell “monastery”)

And neither do you.

Writing an email that gets a result – whether that’s:

– Selling out your latest course

– Attracting a bunch of high-ticket clients

– Selling a physical product

– Persuading someone to hire you

– Getting someone to say “yes!”

… isn’t as hard as you probably think.

Partly because copywriting isn’t the exacting, precise skill you might have been led to believe, but mostly…

Because I’ve already trodden the path.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

I can show you a way.

This is going to sound hypey as hell but it’s true…

What I’m about to share with you has literally changed my life.

But let’s get one thing straight…

Am I the greatest copywriter the world has ever seen?

Am I balls!

Do I know enough to be able to show business owners a simple, easy-to-follow system that makes writing engaging emails – emails that their subscribers love to read (and maybe even buy from) – so easy…

… even a 45-year-old magician could do it?

Yep, probably.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

“Seven sales already!”

“This has been FAR better than I ever thought, John. I have SO many notes in my Evernote from this course… it’s fantastic, what a bank of information to use for high-quality emails and SM posts. I can now take anything that happens or anything that HAS happened and turn it into a teachable lesson for my audience“

“But wot if eye’m a tearable righter…”

There’s a common belief that email copywriting is like cracking a safe – you have to perform a highly precise sequence of words and phrases… in the perfect combination, otherwise, it’s all for NOTHING.

That’s not exactly true.

Sure, if you want to go that way, you CAN dive deep…

… but you don’t need to.

Despite what others might have you believe, copy isn’t an exact science… in fact, it’s more of a “feel” thing than anything.

Think about the emails you love to read. You probably don’t love them for their “copy chops”, or because they adhere to all the rules of grammar…

You probably enjoy reading them because they make you FEEL good… they make you smile… they light you up.

There’s just “something” about the tone, or the humour, or their personality, right?

It’s this ^^^^ kind of shizzle that is the REAL magic – the stuff that helps you stand out in your customer’s inbox, so you’re always “top of mind” – not a bunch of copywriting rules.

This is GREAT news because – as a magician and comedian – I know all about that kind of shizzle!

And once you realise that writing an email your audience loves is NOT about learning the latest copywriting techniques…

It takes all the stress and struggle out of writing an email

Now, you’re not trying to be an “A-list” copywriter…

You’re just trying to write an email that sounds like you – the light and breezy you that brightens up your subscriber’s day when they see your name in their inbox.

And you don’t need the “complete mega encyclopedic guide to email copywriting” to do that, you just need…

A simple, proven “day-by-day” playbook that takes all the struggle out of writing emails your customers LOVE to read!


(That’s copywriter speak for “here comes the pitch…”)


The simple step-by-step, “non-copywriting” approach business owners can follow to effortlessly write emails that actually sound like they wrote them. The kind of emails their audience LOVE!

Here’s what you’ll get when you click the magic green button today:

* 15 Daily email lessons – guiding you through the complete approach, including real-world examples.

Nearly 4 HOURS worth of videos – that makes adopting this system a piece of cake! (4 hours in total, not every day… that would be mad)

“The Checklist” – the ass-kicking framework that shows you exactly what you need to do to write a killer email (EXTRA BONUS: it also guarantees you’ll never have to face the blank page again!)

A video walkthrough of me using this approach in one of my own emails

All your questions answered with full email support from me and my team (I’m lying, it’s just me)

But that’s not all. Order TODAY and you’ll also get these uber-cool bonuses… for FREE!

* BONUS #1 – Over 100 “stealable segues” you can copy and paste to make transitioning between sections of your email a doddle.

* BONUS #2 – The “Sorry I’ve been shit” email template you can swipe to easily re-engage the deadest list of dead subscribers (NOTE: this is the ONLY email template in the course)

* BONUS #3 – Complete PDF of all lessons (all 13,000+ words) in one easy download for easy “what-the-hell-was-that-thingy-he-mentioned” recall later

BONUS #4 – Special video training on how to use the “Sent.” approach to write ANY sequence of emails you need – (welcome, flash sale, upsell, I know it’s you rummaging through my bins Carol, etc…)

Here’s just SOME of the things you’ll learn in “Sent.”:

* How to write in your own voice

* The five questions you need to ask before writing ANY email

How to beat blank page syndrome once and for all

* The key to writing scintillating subject lines

* The best emailing habit you can start

* What the most important line of your email is

* How to find your audiences “hot topics”

* Building an endless bank of stories

* The best way of transitioning from your story to your offer

* The BIGGEST mistake most emailers make when asking for the sale

* My SEVEN best (non-copywriting) writing tips

* THREE different types of P.S. (and when you use ’em)

* How to be funny

… and MUCH more!

“John’s course is the ONLY one I have come across that actually teaches you the mechanics of writing emails that sound like YOU and not a template. I finally understood how to plan and structure emails and how to use storytelling and humour in a way that builds the know, like, and trust factors for my business. By applying the lessons, I wrote -hands down- the best email I’ve ever written for my business and I know now how to do it on repeat. Because John doesn’t just give you ‘the fish’. He teaches you how to ‘catch it’ yourself. Priceless!” – Nadia Liapi

When you click the green button and join “Sent.” you’ll discover:

– Why the words you use don’t matter half as much as you think they do (turns out there are two more important things that matter waaaaaaay more)

– The ONLY lesson you can learn from the big shot gurus (apart from “where is a good place to rent a Lambo?”)

 The simplest “customer avatar” exercise you’ll ever see (this one will take you about 10 seconds – no research required!)

– The best copywriting tip I ever learned that acts like a “writer’s GPS” (think I learned this with one of the big names in marketing? Nope! I picked it up from school!)

– Why you should NEVER ask someone to “Buy my Hungarian for beginners course now!” (If you sell Bulgarian language courses, this tip could be worth the price alone!)

– Why you’ll never have to struggle with the blank page ever again (best start practicing your evil laugh now, so you can mock the flashing cursor of doom on day 8!)

– The two words behind every successful “call to action” (I’ll give you a clue.. one of them isn’t “pllllleeeeease!”)

– Why you SHOULDN’T be emailing your list every single day… and what you need to be focusing on instead (you’ll learn this on day 3)

 How to write emails faster than ever… without writing any faster (confused? You won’t be)

 Why you need to ENCOURAGE unsubscribes… and the easiest way to do it. (I give you a simple exercise that, once done, makes this process automatic!)

 Why I don’t have an email “list”… and neither should you (Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to switch back to Bebo – you’ll see why)

– The single, most important question you need to answer before you sit down and write ANY email. Getting clear on this question will transform your email writing life. You’ll not only write better emails faster than ever… but they’ll be easier to write too!

– The truth about “consistency”. Most business owners think they’re being consistent, but they’re not. I’ll reveal what’s REALLY going on, PLUS give you a simple way to tick the “consistency” box.

– Three simple words that not only make your emails more compelling but virtually hook the reader in, right from the first line. Sick of subscribers bouncing out of your emails before they get to the good stuff? These three words will help you.

 A simple answer to the “what the hell do I talk about?” problem. (Good news – you don’t need to buy a truckload of content planners and journals… you just need to go to your local newsagent)

– The comedian’s guide to creating all the content and stories you’ll ever need. When it comes to panning for gold, comedians are the BEST… and I’m sharing their “backstage” writing secrets with you.

… and MUCH more!