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Remote Viewing Sports Betting is recommended for those experienced with Remote Viewing protocol from the Learn RV course. Remote Viewing is the fastest growing declassified ESP skill in the world and has been featured on dozens of national TV and radio programs. Tens of thousands of people in over 30 countries have learned this unconscious mind secret through Major Ed Dames’ Remote Viewing DVD Course and have used this incredible breakthrough from viewing tomorrow’s stock market changes to predicting future disasters and life-changing events. Still, one of the most secure secrets of all was how Remote Viewers were using a variation of RV to predict the outcome of sporting events with unprecedented accuracy. In fact, Major Ed Dames, the only training and operations military intelligence officer in the top-secret program, along with five members from his professional team revealed their success on the national radio program “Coast to Coast AM” after winning more than 250,000 dollars in single weekend betting on sports matches! Now, a student of Major Dames named Sheri; who was with the team during this unprecedented weekend, finally reveals this guarded Remote Viewing method! Introducing the Remote Viewing Sports Betting DVD; the latest lesson in the official Remote Viewing Application Workshop series! Sheri has used this new RV method to generate massive revenue from easily predicting the winner in sporting events with unparalleled accuracy; achieving success rates of over 80% on hundreds of sporting events around the world. This new method is exclusive to the Remote Viewing Sports Betting DVD and covers the entire step-by-step process used by Major Ed Dames and his team to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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