Easy SEO Checklist - Notion Template1Easy SEO Checklist – Notion Template

Learn how to skyrocket your organic traffic with the Easy SEO Checklist. 🚀

Can you relate to this? 🤔

– You start learning SEO, but you’re finding it less and less enjoyable because you become exhausted and lost direction, confused what to do now

– You’re tired of trying different SEO technique that overpromises but never deliver

– You’re good at following instructions, but you feel you’re wasting your time because no matter what you do, no significant increase in organic traffic

– You know you can master and apply SEO correctly, but you’re tired of trying new methods

– You feel like giving up because you do not see the results you want but know that quitting will only make it worse

– You’ve bought all the SEO techniques and guides floating on the Internet, but none have worked for you and you feel disappointed at your favorite creators because their tactics only work for them.

– And it looks like you’re only getting worse as time goes on despite putting in the work

If you’ve been nodding your head to any of these statements, then this Notion template may be the most helpful template you’ll ever see.

Today you’ll discover an easy and proven way to skyrocket your organic traffic. 🔥

It has nothing to do with with Copywriting, PBN, Blackhat link building, or spamming the social media and forums.

Let me introduce you to…

Introducing: Easy SEO Checklist – Notion Template 🎉

With this checklist…

You won’t need tons of guides to learn and apply SEO.

All you’ll need to do is follow the proven checklist to get more results.

You see, I’ve spent the last 5 years working on many projects

And I’ve solved SEO problems. ❤️

The result?

More organic traffic with less work.


By using the checklist, you can make SEO work for you.

And it’ll only take you an hour or so to put it into practice.

What You Get In The Easy SEO Checklist – Notion Template

6 Notion template checklists:

A. Mastering SEO Checklist (worth $50) 🎓

Learning SEO with excellent free SEO online resources.

Inside this template you’ll discover:

  1. SEO Basics (52 checklist)
  2. SEO Process (34 checklist)
  3. SEO for CMS (31 checklist)
  4. Advanced SEO (279 checklist)
  5. Specialized SEO (45 checklist)
  6. Automate SEO Tasks (52 checklist)
  7. Non-Google SEO (32 checklist)
  8. Free SEO Tools (133 checklist)
  9. Boost your SEO Mastery (48 checklist)
  10. Follow the Latest SEO News (37 checklist)

B. Step-by-step SEO Checklist (worth $100) ✅

Boost up your organic traffic with easy.

Inside this template you’ll discover:

  1. Pre-Launch (15 checklist)
  2. Basic SEO (11 checklist)
  3. Technical SEO (14 checklist)
  4. User Experience (6 checklist)
  5. Content (13 checklist)
  6. On-Page SEO (17 checklist)
  7. Off-Page SEO (8 checklist)
  8. Performance (12 checklist)
  9. Link Building (10 checklist)
  10. Social Media (9 checklist)
  11. Reviews (5 checklist)
  12. Local SEO (17 checklist)
  13. Post Launch (6 checklist)
  14. SEO KPI tracking (4 checklist)
  15. SEO Maintenance (7 checklist)

C. E-commerce SEO Checklist (worth $50) 🛒

Skyrocket your conversion rate.

Inside this template you’ll discover:

  1. Basic (51 checklist)
  2. Home Page (27 checklist)
  3. Category Page (29 checklist)
  4. Product Page (77 checklist)
  5. Cart Page (25 checklist)
  6. Checkout Page (52 checklist)
  7. Thank You Page (8 checklist)
  8. Misc. Optimization (17 checklist)

D. Quick Local SEO Checklist (38 checklist- worth $20) 🏪

E. Technical SEO Audit Checklist (worth $20) ⚒️

Inside this template you’ll discover:

  1. Content isn’t indexed (28 checklist)
  2. Indexed content doesn’t rank for desired terms (15 checklist)
  3. Site content isn’t well-presented in search (9 checklist)

F. Content Marketing Checklist (53 checklist – worth $20) 📦

Inside this template you’ll learn content marketing faster by tracking your progress with an easy-to-follow checklist.

Doing SEO correctly solves the #1 problem online entrepreneurs have: Getting Organic Traffics 🔥

Even after everything you read about Easy SEO Checklist, you may still be on the fence.

So, you really have three options.

Option Number 1 is do nothing and I know that’s not what you want to do because doing nothing means you end up in the same place tomorrow that you are today.

Option Number 2 is actually even worse. It’s figuring it out on your own. Look, these checklist in this Notion template took me tons of time to compile, edit and figure out… hours upon hours upon hours…

So the only real option here for you is Option Number 3, which is taking this massive shortcut and mastering SEO in an easy way.

The choice is clear.

That’s why we urge you to get the Easy SEO Checklist today.

So you know what to do!

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